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    West Java BKD Information and Appeal Related to CPNS 2019


    BANDUNG - The Regional Government (Pemda) of West Java Province has allocated 1,934 formations in the recruitment of 2019 Civil Servant Candidate Selection (SCPNS). The details are 1,002 technical personnel formations, 839 education staff formations, and 93 health worker formations.

    According to the Head of the Regional Civil Service Agency (BKD) of West Java Province Yerry Yanuar, the allocation of the formation of SCPNS of the West Java Provincial Government consists of 37 work units from 44 Regional Apparatus Organizations (OPD).

    "Related to the type of formation needed is general, special formations for types of positions in accordance with national programs, education, health, and other technical supporting infrastructure positions, not including administrative positions," Yerry said in Bandung, Monday (11/11/19) .

    CPNS 2019 registration procedures can be accessed via sscasn.bkn.go.id. In the site, prospective registrants create a 2019 SSCN account by using the Population Registration Number (NIK) and Family Card Number or NIK Head of Family.

    After the account is successfully created, prospective applicants can simply log in using the NIK as the username and password that has been registered. After that, prospective applicants fill in the biodata column, choose their formation and position, and upload their KTP and document requirements.

    If it is complete, prospective applicants must check the registration resume before printing the 2019 SSCN registration card.

    "In the national timeline, registration starts from 11 November 2019 until 24 November 2019. Even so, the schedule can change and adjust to the policy of the national selection committee (panselnas)," said Yerry.

    "Before registering, prospective registrants are better prepared registration documents, namely Family Cards, KTP or Certificate from the Department of Population and Civil Registration, Diplomas, transcripts, passport photos and other documents according to the agency to be applied for," he added.

    Yerry also appealed to prospective applicants not to believe the person who promised to pass SCPNS 2019. If there are questions or information that is not yet known, he said, it is better to ask directly to the selection committee in West Java.

    "Look for and apply for a position that matches your educational qualifications, remain confident in your own abilities. Do not be easily swayed by the sweet promise of unscrupulous fraudsters. If there are questions directly ask the selection committee in West Java, "he said.

    The selection committee in West Java can be contacted via bkd.jabarprov.go.id, instagram @ bkd.jabar, or via whatsapp 082121671500. (Pun - Humas)

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