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    Need to Improve Digital Talent Indonesia


    BANDUNG - Indonesia's Digital Economic Potential Reaches USD 130 Billion in the next 2025. Although relatively high, the number of digital talent (digital talent) homeland is still minimal.

    This was stated by the Former Minister of Communication and Information Republic of Indonesia (Menkominfo) Rudiantara when giving a Public Lecture with the theme "Digital Technology Today and the Future," initiated by BCA at the ITB campus, Bandung City, Monday (11/11)

    Rudiantara assesses that in the future Indonesia will still rely on people who are experts in the field of digital technology so that the potential for digital economy is taken up by foreign unicorns, especially for senior scientists from India and China.

    "We do have a huge digital economic potential but human resources are lacking so many are taken by unicorns," he said

    Even so, said Rudiantara, the government must massively develop digital talent. This is in line with the government program that will create around 24 thousand new digital talents.

    "Many ministries are creating digital talent programs," he said

    He gave an example since 2018 Kominfo has developed around 25 thousand digital talents. The Ministry of Communication and Information also cooperates with other ministries in realizing this.

    "Anyone can create it. There must be no sectoral ego," he stressed.

    In line with, BCA Senior Vice President, Setiawan Wijono revealed that his party took the condition seriously. So, internally continue to develop its HR capabilities.

    Meanwhile, in developing applications, BCA ensures that in the future various transactions will go through a digitization process. He cited the trend of using the BCA mobile application to increase sharply. In fact, currently only 1.8 percent of customers still transact by coming directly to the branch office.

    "If we see, physically in the banking customers who come to the bank have been reduced compared to those who transact in digital," he said

    In the future, continued Setiawan, BCA will improve the BCA application features, considering that until now only limited to serving a few transactions.

    "Right now, BCA mobile can only transfer then in the future it will be able to block cards via digital, of course in the future it will continue to be added to its features," he added

    Alluded to the needs of human resources to meet the world of the banking industry, he mentioned that university graduates must be technology literate. Because, it is also possible that banks will close their conventional networks because customers already use digital technology. Jo

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