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    West Java Governor: Executive-Legislative Institutions Must Strengthen Each Other


    JAKARTA - West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil said, the executive and legislative institutions in the government must go hand in hand and strengthen each other. It is intended that the development process runs effectively and community welfare continues to increase.

    According to Emil - greeting Ridwan Kamil, there are three efforts that encourage the advancement of a nation, namely Human Resources (HR), bureaucratic reform, and infrastructure.

    "In line with the Central Government, the Regional Government of West Java Province is focusing on strengthening Human Resources," Emil said when giving a Public Lecture with the theme 'Executive and Legislative Relations' at the National Workshop of the NasDem Party, Provincial DPRD, and Regency / City DPRD as Indonesia in Jakarta, Sunday (11/10/19).

    Related to strengthening human resources, said Emil, the West Java Regional Government (Pemda) has made a number of efforts, such as revitalizing SMKs and initiating the West Java Masagi program.

    The West Java Masagi Program aims to strengthen the foundations of the younger generation with the values ??of character education. This was realized by returning character education that has an impact on social behavior. West Javanese local wisdom values ??are the basis.

    Because West Java Masagi has entered the world of education, students are expected to become civilized humans. This cultured human being has the ability to be able to learn to feel (surti / rasa), learn to understand (harti / intention), learn to do (evidence), learn to live together (real devotion / dumadi).

    "In the last 12 months I have made efforts to strengthen human resources," Emil said.

    On the same occasion, Emil explained that the West Java Provincial Government is currently implementing Dynamic Governance or Dynamic Bureaucracy. The aim is to break the ice and the slow pace of development activities due to bureaucratic problems.

    The application of Dynamic Bureaucracy, said Emil, not only makes the wheels of government and development run faster, it also presents more and more development budget resources.

    In addition to relying on three state budgets which include district / city APBD, provincial APBD, and APBN, the West Java Provincial Government utilizes five other budget sources called the Eight Budget Doors.

    The five budget sources include the Public Private Partnership (PPP), regional bonds, banking funds, community funds, and corporate social responsibility funds (CSR). The West Java Regional Government refers to these various sources of income.

    In addition to the application of Dynamic Bureaucracy in government management, according to Emil, the West Java Provincial Government practices the concept of Penthahelix by cooperating with five elements, namely ABCGM (Academics, Business, Community, Government, and Media) in every development process and activity.

    Emil also hopes that the actual information delivered at the workshop this time can strengthen people's representatives related to the current development challenges. "So that the policies will reinforce each other. That is the material that I conveyed at this event," Emil concluded.

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