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    West Java Deputy Governor Inaugurated Maritime Love Coffee at AKMI Suaka Bahari Cirebon


    CIREBON CITY - Deputy Governor (Deputy Governor) of West Java (West Java) Uu Ruzhanul Ulum appreciated the presence of Maritime Love Coffee at the Maritime Academy (AKMI) Suaka Bahari City of Cirebon.

    According to Uu, in addition to studying marine science, the cadets were also provided with entrepreneurial insights that would be useful when graduating with the presence of the booth.

    "I appreciate, this is good because it encourages cadets to become great entrepreneurs," Uu said when inaugurating the Maritime Love Coffee booth at AKMI Suaka Bahari Cirebon, Saturday (9/11/19).

    Uu added that the provision of entrepreneurship knowledge will train the independence of the cadets in meeting their daily needs.

    For that reason, Uu also encouraged other education institutions to do the same thing as AKMI Suaka Bahari Cirebon.

    "This is a positive step that is rarely found in other educational institutions that only focus on scientific discipline, so it's great if every educational institution has outlets like this," Uu said.

    Later, Maritime Love Coffee outlets are planned to be present in 27 regencies / cities in West Java. West Java distinctive coffee that has worldwide will decorate the storefront in the outlet.

    As for the inauguration of Maritime Love Coffee, Uu first became the inspector of the inauguration ceremony of the XXXIII cadet group, an increase in level, and graduation of the young Indonesian sailors in the AKMI Suaka Bahari commercial cruise in 2019.

    To the AKMI graduates, Uu hoped that they would be able to fulfill their promises, which in addition to practicing maritime science also had a high patriotism in order to maintain the sovereignty of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia.

    "Keep the foundation of our country Pancasila so that Indonesia remains intact and united among them by AKMI graduates," Uu said.

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