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    West Java Provincial Government Embraces the ODOJ Community to Realize the Vision of the Inner Champion


    MAJALENGKA REGENCY - Regional Government (Pemda) of West Java Province (West Java) under the leadership of West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil and his deputy, Uu Ruzhanul Ulum, carry the vision of West Java Champion Born and Inner.

    The last thing mentioned, can be realized by embracing the scholars, not least from the One Day One Juz community (ODOJ), in a number of public awareness programs including One Village One Hafidz (Sadesha).

    According to Uu, the movement of reading the Koran one juz in one day by the ODOJ community was also able to make the West Java Muslim community more familiar with and practice their holy books.

    "For the success of champions in the inner field, we (West Java Provincial Government) need the help of clerics, ulama, clerics and clerics, including those in the ODOJ group, especially in practicing the Koran," Uu said after attending the Silaturahmi Akbar 3 (Silatbar) ODOJ at the Gelanggang Generasi Muda Field, Majalengka Regency, Saturday (9/11/19).

    Uu emphasized that the government not only carried out physical development, but also realized the importance of spirituality development.

    As a leader in an area with 90 percent Muslim population, Uu also reminded that the Koran must be used as a way of life for the citizens of West Java. Because of this, Uu appreciated Silatbar, which was attended by thousands of residents.

    "Hopefully this activity will be able to remind again that the Koran as a guide in daily life in society such as business, household, and also in other lives," said Uu.

    In this Silatbar, Uu also advised the entire community of West Java to increase faith so that it has implications for moral and moral changes.

    The reason is, Uu considers that the Champion's Inner vision does not only apply to Muslims, but all religious adherents in West Java.

    "I ask all the people of West Java to increase their faith because the inner champion is not only Muslim but also non-Muslim," he concluded.

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