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    English for Ulama: Message of the Beauty of Islam in Indonesia and West Java is Spreading in Europe


    UNITED KINGDOM - The message about the beauty of Indonesian Islam, especially West Java, clashes on the European Continent. Ulemas from West Java who are members of the English for Ulama have started preaching in five European cities (London, Bristol, Glasgow, Manchester, and Birmingham).

    After meeting with the Indonesian Ambassador to Britain on Monday (11/4/19) in London, the five ulemas from West Java, namely Wifni Yusifa, Ridwan Subagya, Ihya Ulumudin, Beni Safitri, and Hasan Al-Banna, went to the city where they preached .

    Ihya headed for Glasgow, Scotland. Wifni and representatives of the Indonesian Embassy went to Birmingham. Ridwan with English for Ulama's companion visited Bristol. Beni goes to Manchester. And Hasan served in London.

    Upon arrival at the destination city, they then carry out their mission. Ridwan, for example, went straight to the DKM of the Jami Auston Mosque, Afzal Shah. After that, he met with one of Bristol's politicians and Muslim community. The Bristol police chief was present at the meeting.

    "After exchanging hospitality with all parties. Afzal Shan took us to the City Hall of Bristol to meet the Mayor of Bristol. After talking (about the condition of Islam in Indonesia and the United Kingdom), we saw an open meeting, "said English for Ulama companion Agus Syafei.

    Meanwhile, Hasan held a meeting with one of the most influential London City Council members, Unmesh Desai. During the meeting, issues related to the handling of religious communities became the main topic.

    "Although non-Muslim, Unmesh is very concerned about the development of Islamic communities in London. The scope of Unmesh's work is related to the education of young people, city crime, and investment. I will not forget the beauty of Indonesian Islam, especially West Java, I convey, "Hasan said.

    According to Hasan, Unmesh appreciated the English for Ulama program. Unmesh also, said Hasan, hoped that the program initiated by the West Java Regional Government (Pemda) would be held again for the following years.

    "He paid great attention so that the English for Ulama program did not stop for a period, so that West Java and Indonesian scholars could continue to contribute to instilling the values ??of peace and tolerance in London," he said.

    "He also left an order. If Mr. Governor Ridwan Kamil makes a working visit to England, he would like to meet and discuss a lot of things, especially English for Ulama, "Hasan continued.

    In addition to preaching related to the beauty of Indonesian Islam, the five scholars will tell about the diversity of Indonesian culture, especially the culture of Pasundan Land. They will also carry out its mission until November 14 2019.

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