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    Birthday of the Prophet Muhammad SAW 1441 H: Acting West Java Governor Describes Three Important Sciences in Islam


    SUMEDANG REGENCY - Acting West Java Governor Uu Ruzhanul Ulum said, in broad outline, there are three sciences in Islam, namely Tawhid, Jurisprudence, and Sufism. As stated by Uu when giving a lecture at the commemoration of the Birthday of the Prophet Muhammad SAW 1441 Hijri at the Al Masoem Foundation, Kab. Sumedang, Friday (11/8/19).

    Monotheism is the science that deals with the oneness of Allah and Aqeedah. Someone said to believe or not depends on monotheism. Likewise someone is called a believer (believer) or not also depends on monotheism. Monotheism also discusses the oneness of Allah, which is related to the attributes of God.

    "The consequence of someone who studies Tawheed is placed or eternal in heaven, who does not (learn Tawheed) will be in hell," Uu said.

    Next is Jurisprudence or can also be called Sharia science. Someone who carries out this knowledge is a sign that he is an expert in heaven.

    Furthermore, Uu explained the four pillars taught in Jurisprudence, namely the Ubudiyah pillars or worship procedures, the Munakahat pillars or marriage procedures, the Muamalat receptions or trade procedures, and the Jinayat pillars or governance sciences.

    "And we as believers must know Jurisprudence and implement it. A person who practices Jurisprudence is called a Muslim, "he said.

    The third science in Islam is Sufism. The essence of this knowledge is sincerity in the heart. For this reason, all forms of worship are carried out with the intention of Allah SWT. While those who carry out Sufism are called mufsidin.

    "We perform worship with sincerity to get the pleasure of Allah SWT. We must not carry out worship because we want to be praised for example, "he said.

    Uu said, the core of the warning of the Prophet Muhammad's Birthday was to increase faith in Allah SWT. In Indonesia, the anniversary of the Prophet Muhammad's Birthday is often called Muludan.

    "The essence of Muludan is tausyiah, there is religion, which is a saying that is delivered with the intention to increase faith and devotion to Allah SWT," said Uu.

    "So Muludan's momentum is to imitate, imitate the morals of the Prophet both in terms of science and in terms of sunnah that must be performed which is reflected by morals, morals, and having noble character," he added.

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