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    To Japan, Ridwan Kamil Takes West Java Investment Menu Book


    OSAKA - Offering investment opportunities is one of the main agendas in the visit of West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil to Korea and Japan (4-9 / 11/2019).

    These opportunities are arranged in a West Java investment menu book that is shared in each forum with government partners or entrepreneurs.

    The same thing was done by a delegation of West Java delegation led by Governor Ridwan Kamil in the West Java Business Forum in Osaka, Friday (11/8/19).

    The forum was attended by entrepreneurs who are members of the Osaka Chamber of Commerce as well as local governments including Shoji Co., Ltd., Obayashi Cooperations, Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd., Araya Industrial, Daiki Aluminum, to Jetro Osaka.

    Emil - familiar greeting Ridwan Kamil said the investment menu book contained strategic projects in West Java with a total investment value of US $ 59 million. Investment opportunities include transportation, drinking water management, waste management to regional development. "In the transportation sector, we need new toll roads, new railway lines, we need new airports and new ports," he said.

    In the energy sector, his party is encouraging waste management that can produce energy (waste to energy). According to him, West Java needs 4-5 waste management projects to be built in a number of locations.

    "We need 4-5 projects, hopefully there are Japanese companies that are interested in any form of waste to energy technology. We have to make sure 50 million people enter modern civilization. The value is IDR 3-4 trillion, we need up to 5 locations, "said Emil.

    Rebana [Patimban-Kertajati-Cirebon] also became the menu in the thick book. According to him, the area in the North West Java region requires a lot of investment considering that it has designed Rebana to be a futuristic area going forward. This area is also very potential considering the infrastructure is so complete.

    "This region has advantages that no other region in Indonesia has, this is the region where the largest port is adjacent to the largest airport. The port (Patimban) is being built funded by the Japanese government, adjacent to the already operational Kertajati Airport. The land is still cheap, labor costs are one of the lowest in West Java, "he told business partners in attendance.

    According to him, investment in this region for Japanese entrepreneurs will be profitable. The availability of connectivity will facilitate the process of shipping export and import goods.

    In addition, the Indonesian government's policy of providing large tax discounts for manufacturing companies that open vocational facilities for local residents is a rare opportunity.

    "So if you later invest in West Java, exporting everywhere will be easy because the port is designed world class by a Japanese contractor. Next year there is a new policy, if you bring manufacturing and provide vocational facilities for local residents then you will get a tax rebate of up to 300%, "said the Governor.

    As an area that produces plantation commodities, it also opens up opportunities for Japanese entrepreneurs to develop the downstream commodity industry.

    Emil admitted, as a regional producer of tropical fruits, his party could not provide added value to the product. "Hopefully there are Japanese food entrepreneurs who can change food products from these commodities to be of more economic value," Emil said.

    According to him, the existence of ports and airports also makes the opportunity for commodity exports from West Java Province to Japan wide open. One of them came from the potential of West Java maritime products. "We have the best lobster and other maritime products, we can also be a place of seaweed production," he said.

    According to him, in terms of potential projects and commodities that could be captured by Japanese businessmen, his party also has a number of Regionally Owned Enterprises (BUMD) as well as 15,000 companies under the West Java Chamber of Commerce to be collaborated with. "This is if Japan needs a local partner in investment," he said.

    The matter of convenience, the Governor ensured the application of technology in public services such as licensing as an effort to facilitate investors to invest.

    According to him with technology, his side reduced the meeting between citizens and the bureaucracy in order to reduce obstacles in the field. "We put economic activity before the bureaucratic process," the governor said.

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