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    Transforming West Java, Ridwan Kamil Exposes Investment Opportunities to Japanese Investors


    OSAKA - West Java is transforming. Digital adoption and policies that facilitate investment become a breath of fresh air and economic opportunities for investors from abroad to the province.

    West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil explained the condition and described a number of economic and investment opportunities at a number of company officials who are members of the Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry at the West Java Business Forum in Osaka on Friday (11/08/2019).

    Governor Ridwan Kamil, who is familiarly called Emil, said that his party had released the vision of West Java as a digital province in the next ten years where service policies were facilitated, in addition to efforts to move the urban economy coupled with the application of the concept of a digital economy in the countryside.

    "We established village digital centers in approximately 5,000 villages to help villagers market their products to the world market. That is a glimpse of the changes we have made, even though we are popular in the eyes of the people but there are policies and innovations that we routinely provide to our citizens, "said the Governor.

    As a province which is the backbone of the National economy, West Java with a large population every year is able to become the number one province that has succeeded in continuously increasing investment value. At least 20% of Japanese entrepreneurs invest their capital in West Java.

    "In the future we will be very focused so that investments from Japan to be more comfortable and productive in West Java," said Emil.

    Emil ensured that Japanese entrepreneurs who wanted to invest in Indonesia could pass through the door through the Central and regional governments. West Java is committed to providing facilities, given that the region is better able to understand the situations in the field.

    "Please just come to the province to knock on our office door, we will provide the services and conveniences as expected," he said.

    Not only investment, according to him, West Java with the largest population is also a very potential market for Japanese products.

    Emil convinced his colleagues in Osaka that the people of West Java were also very productive in addition to having relatively better infrastructure access in Indonesia. "This is what makes 60% of the industry comfortable investing in West Java," he said.

    As the leader, his party is also preparing the community to welcome industry 4.0. The government, according to him, is training young people who speak Japanese and has abilities that are in accordance with international standards and in accordance with Japanese needs.

    "Most importantly, our society likes Japanese culture. I pray that Japan can become number 1 partner in West Java. Become a strategic partner of Indonesia through the doors of West Java, "he concluded.

    The founder of Foreign Policy Community of Indonesia Dino Pati Djalal explained the transformation made by the Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil is a portrait of a leader who not only relies on popularity, but also has solid policies and good performance.

    "The Governor of West Java is a new mirror of Indonesian politics, young, innovative, open and creative," he said before the Osaka business partners.

    He explained that in 2030 Indonesia would be predicted to be the fourth largest economy in the world. Indonesia was the largest economy in Southeast Asia. As well as having a large number of middle class economic growth is also better than its neighbors.

    "In this condition West Java has a special position. West Java can be said to be the province with the largest economy. Because of that, West Java received a lot of national and world attention, "said Dino.

    With its economic policies, it has convinced Japanese businessmen that West Java is the best location for investment. According to him, with the agenda of the West Java Business Forum, he hoped that the value of Japanese businessmen's investment in West Java would continue to rise.

    "There is more Japanese investment in Indonesia, more specifically in the regions, because Indonesia's future is in areas not Jakarta," he said.

    Japan Indonesia Business Asociation advisor Hajime Kinoshita said West Java could take advantage of the growing interest of Japanese SME entrepreneurs who want to invest in Indonesia.

    According to him, this opportunity can be obtained if West Java is able to provide direction and clear information regarding the initial steps of investing in the province. "These Japanese SMEs they want to make their own business and take care of themselves (licensing)," he said.

    He suggested that an information exchange forum should be created to make it easier for new Japanese entrepreneurs to invest.

    He also encouraged the West Java Kadin role to be more optimal in bridging investment conveniences.

    "This is a win-win solution Japanese investors, how to enter Japanese SMEs for the first time in Indonesia, "he concluded.

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