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    Acting West Java Governor: Forestry Instructor Has Important Role in Maintaining Forest Sustainability


    BANDUNG CITY- Forestry instructor has two main functions in maintaining forest sustainability. As stated by Plh. West Java Governor Uu Ruzhanul Ulum while attending the Regional Forestry Consultative Association (Ipkindo) of West Java DPW at the West Java Forestry Office, Bandung, Thursday (7/11/19).

    "This discussion is to give back the enthusiasm of forestry extension workers in West Java to be more concerned about forestry," Uu said.

    "The concern goes back to the main task and function of the forestry instructor, namely providing education to the public about the environment, about the importance of forests, and others. Second, is to provide assistance to the community, "he added.

    Uu stated, the Regional Government (Pemda) of West Java Province was reviewing regulations related to the Community Forestry Extension Workers. This was done to solve the problem of Human Resources (HR). Because, at present, there are only 248 forestry extension agents in West Java.

    "The solution is with PKSM (Community Forestry Extension Workers). This is being processed for legality. If the legality has been completed then the budget has been provided, then there will be an appointment for those independent extension workers in West Java, "he said.

    "Because their presence (forestry extension) is very much needed. The more extension agents, God willing, the faster what is expected about the function of forests in West Java, "Uu continued.

    In addition, according to Uu, the West Java Provincial Government has initiated a reforestation program for deforested forest areas. In the near future, he said, the West Java Provincial Government will plant fruit trees in Sumedang Regency.

    "The Regional Government of West Java Province is collaborating with seed centers, including with the community, to make movements (tree planting). So, we are doing programs on reforestation, planting fruit trees, and others, "he said.

    The function of the forestry instructor who is classified as strategic will have a direct impact on forest sustainability. Moreover, the total area of ??forest area in West Java reaches 816,603 hectares or 22.01 percent of the total area of ??West Java. The data is based on Minister of Forestry Decree Number: 195 / KPTS-II / 2003.

    "I hope the people of West Java maintain forests well for the preservation of our lives. It's better to leave a spring to the people than to leave a spring. Therefore, protect the environment for the good and life of our children and grandchildren, "Uu said ending.

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