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    Registration for Open Recruitment for West Java Regional Secretary Officials is Opened


    BANDUNG city- In order to fill the vacancy of the Regional Secretary (Sekda), the Regional Government (Pemda) of West Java Province through the West Java Regional Personnel Agency (BKD) officially opened the registration of open recruitment or open selection on Thursday (7/11/19).

    West Java BKD Head Yerry Yanuar said the State Civil Apparatus Commission (KSN) had issued the open recruitment recommendation. Because the Secretary's position is so strategic, he also ensures that open recruitment is carried out according to regulations and upholds information disclosure.

    "The filling of the Regional Secretary position is important because the wheels of government and development must go on. The position of Regional Secretary is very strategic, so the position must be immediately filled by competent officials, "Yerry said at the West Java BKD Office, Bandung City, Wednesday (6/11/19).

    "Aside from being the Head of the Regional Apparatus, the Regional Secretary is also the Head of the Regional Revenue Budget Team (TAPD), the Chairperson of the TKPRD, the Chairperson of the Performance Assessment Team, and is an authorized official with staffing," he added.

    Open recruitment for West Java Regional Secretary Office itself will begin with the registration process conducted on 7 to 21 November 2019. Then, on 22 November 2019, administrative selection, track record tracking, and announcement of administrative selection will be carried out.

    After that, open recruitment entered the competency and potential assessment stage which was held on 25-26 November 2019. The next stage was the writing of papers. And on December 3, 2019, the committee will announce the results of the competency and potential assessment.

    "Then there is the health and MMPI selection on December 5 and the interview panel on December 9-10. After the interview, the committee will announce the three candidates submitted to the Governor of West Java to be conveyed to the President of Indonesia, "said Yerry.

    Based on Law Number 5 of 2014 concerning ASN and Government Regulation Number 11 of 2017 concerning ASN Management, West Java BKD has established a selection committee (pansel) of seven people.

    According to Yerry, the committee itself consists of the Ministry of Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform, the Ministry of Home Affairs, the National Personnel Agency, and four academics with different backgrounds.

    "According to the rules, the committee of internal or bureaucracy is 45 percent. But, because there were no Echelon I-B officials who were at the same level as the filled positions, the committee of the bureaucracy came from three ministries, "he said.

    Yerry asserted, officials from agencies and other regions could participate in the open recruitment. He also hopes that there will be many registrants in the open bidding this time, so that the committee can choose officials who are truly competent to become West Java Regional Secretary.

    "Because West Java Regional Secretary is a strategic position and need people who can be a solution in West Java. And the function of the Regional Secretary is very important, including facilitators between the regional head and the council, with the community, with community organizations, "he said.

    "During the process, we open a special website for the public to be able to see, register and supervise, the results of the stages of the open selection. We will also report the results of the open selection by stages in a number of mass media and social media, "Yerry concluded.

    For registration and information regarding the provisions, requirements, and stages of open selection can be accessed at www.seleksiterbuka.jabarprov.go.id or www.bkd.jabarprov.go.id.

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