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    Five English for Ulama Graduates Arrive in England to Preach


    INGGRIS - Five scholars from West Java who are members of the English for Ulama program, namely Wifni Yusifa, Ridwan Subagya, Ihya Ulumudin, Safitra, and Hasan Al-Banna, have set foot in England.

    On Monday (11/4/19) local time, they officially began their duties, namely preaching and telling the beauty of Indonesian Islam in five European cities (London, Bristol, Glasgow, Manchester, and Birmingham) until the 14th of November.

    Indonesian Ambassador to the UK Rizal Sukma welcomed their arrival. He said, in addition to carrying out their duties, they will also get many lessons from the cultural diversity of the European Continent.

    Meanwhile, Minister of State for the Foreign Office (Africa) and for International Development, the Rt. Hon. Andrew Stephenson MP welcomed them well. He also hoped that the five ulemas from West Java could learn a lot about culture in Europe.

    "Britain has a strong and diverse culture, in Pendle (one of the regions in the UK) the mosque manager has an extraordinary job in supporting the local community. Hopefully the delegation (five West Java scholars) can learn a lot (here), "Andrew said.

    Previously, West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil explained that the five scholars would later preach and discuss in a number of campuses and communities, both Muslim and non-Muslim, in Europe. Emil also hopes they can change the negative perception of the Benua Biru community towards Islam.

    "They will tell about the friendliness of tolerant Indonesian Islam, especially in West Java. The hope, perceptions that exist after this two-week visit, will bring experience and understanding of Islam in Indonesia by Europe to be good," Emil said.

    "Often the western media find news about Islam that is less proportional and does not represent the whole. So, moderate and peaceful Islam will be represented by these five scholars and in the future they will become ambassadors of peace for the world," he added.

    In addition, the five scholars will tell about the diversity of Indonesian culture, especially the culture of Tanah Pasundan. "So how to speak, manners, how to respond must present our manners," Emil said.

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