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    Indonesia Economic Policy Hold on Pancasila Values


    BANDUNG-Members of the Assembly of Representatives of the PKS faction Fikri Faqih hoped Indonesia's economic policies to uphold on the values and principles of Pancasila ideology.

    "I hope that this nation should uphold Pancasila as the ideological foundation that makes pro-people economic policies," said Fikri in a press release received jabarprov.go.id, Tuesday (19/4).

    Fikri said Indonesia's economic revival should be assisted through cooperation with other countries. All forms of such cooperation should be emphasising professionalism, quality, and product warranty. In order to improve the life of the nation and the people of Indonesia, as stated in the Fifth of Pancasila.

    It is said, in a recent working visit to Japan during a week, Fikri received a complaint from the Japanese Government on the attitude of the Indonesian government decided to buy Fast Trains from China through schemes of Business to Business (B to B) to BUMN. However, Fikri believe that the Japanese government can accept the decision.

    "We told them that this is not a question of preferring China or Japan, but since Indonesia prefer to use the state budget to build the basic infrastructure for the wider community," said Fikri

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