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    Replacing Tri Soewandono, Nugroho Budi Wiryanto, Commander of Military Commander III / Siliwangi


    BANDUNG CITY- Military Region Command III / Siliwangi officially releases the Commander of the Regional Military Command (Pangdam) III / Siliwangi and welcomes new ones in the off-greet event at Graha Tirta Siliwangi, Jl. Lombok No. 10, City of Bandung, Wednesday (6/11/19).

    Pangdam III / Siliwangi is currently held by Maj. Gen. (Maj. Gen.) Nugroho Budi Wiryanto replacing Lt. Gen. (Lt. Gen.) Tri Soewandono. Tri himself is currently the Secretary of the Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs (Sesmenko Polhukam).

    Meanwhile, Nugroho prior to serving as Military Commander III / Siliwang was Deputy for Search and Relief Operations, and National Search and Relief Agency (Basarnas).

    Please. The Governor of West Java (West Java) Uu Ruzhanul Ulum who attended the freelance ceremony commander of the Military Commander III / Siliwangi said, the Regional Government (Pemda) of West Java Province continued to be committed to continuing together with all Forkompimda elements in developing West Java, including with Kodam III / Siliwangi under the command of Nugroho .

    According to Uu, his party could not work alone in managing the province with the largest population in Indonesia.

    "We will continue to be together with Forkopimda in West Java, because the government cannot be alone, must cooperate with all layers, especially this with the TNI," said Uu.

    "We know that West Java has a lot of people, a large area. Therefore, it is necessary to be together in managing West Java, so that what West Java hopes is lively, ripah, repeh, neat, lohjinawi with Champion Birth and Inner jargon, "he added.

    Meanwhile, as the new Commander III / Siliwangi, Maj. Gen. Nugroho Budi Wiryanto requested cooperation with all parties in West Java and Banten in order to create conditions that were safe and controlled.

    "We come here, of course there are still many shortcomings. We ask for cooperation with ladies and gentlemen, both for institutions outside the military and in the military, "said Nugroho.

    "Hopefully we can create West Java and Banten that are comfortable, safe, and under control," he stressed.

    In his remarks on his impressions and messages at the welcome event, Lt. Gen. Tri Soewandono who served as Commander / III Siliwangi for 11 months and 8 days while he expressed his gratitude to the people of West Java and Banten.

    Tri believes that West Java and Banten will be areas that are always safe and advanced. "We are grateful to the people of West Java and Banten. I am sure that with its religious, humanist society, this area (West Java and Banten) will always be safe and advanced, "Tri said.

    The man who was born in Surabaya, December 21, 1963, also had a principle of hard and serious work so that all obstacles in the task would be overcome. "Whatever task is given must not give up and must succeed," he added.

    Finally, Tri gave a message regarding the handling of the Citarum River through the Citarum Harum program. He hoped the Pentahelix concept carried by the West Java Provincial Government for Harum Citarum would be able to overcome pollution in the Citarum River.

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