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    WZF 2019: Formulate Optimization of World Zakat


    BANDUNG CITY - Zakat management institutions and organizations from 30 countries joined the World Zakat Forum (WZF) 2019 at the Crown Plaza Hotel, Bandung City, Tuesday (11/5/19). The International Conference lasts three days until Thursday (11/7/19).

    The Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia Ma'ruf Amin said, WZF is a place to formulate the optimization of zakat. Because, if managed with good management, zakat will have a direct impact on improving the economic community.

    "Good management is a key factor in encouraging increased efforts to collect zakat," Ma'ruf said.

    Ma'ruf also said, Indonesia's zakat potential was classified as large, which could reach Rp 230 trillion. However, zakat that can be managed is only Rp 8 trillion or 3.5 percent of the existing potential. Even so, he said, national zakat collection grew 24 percent in five years.

    "Even though it grows better, breakthroughs need to be even better because they are still far from the potential of existing zakat," he said.

    Therefore, Ma'ruf instructed the institutions and organizations managing zakat to continue working to improve zakat management. For example, raising awareness of the community obliged to pay zakat (muzaki) with various breakthroughs.

    Moreover, in the digital 4.0 era, zakat management can be integrated with digital systems. "Also promotion can be with certain events, so that messages about zakat reach well to the public," said Ma'ruf.

    "The point is improving governance through improving the management system, increasing the capacity of managers, and a good monitoring and evaluation system," he added.

    On the same occasion, Deputy Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum said that technological developments must be utilized as a channel for raising zakat, such as websites, e-mails and social media. The aim is to increase the optimization of zakat.

    "The challenge faced by amil zakat institutions in the distribution and collection of zakat in the digital age is to find the way that is closer to the needs of the muzaki for speed and accuracy in paying zakat," Uu said.

    Uu was optimistic that if zakat management was optimal, the poverty rate in West Java would continue to decline. "The solution to alleviate poverty in West Java is the Amil Zakat Agency. Hopefully in Indonesia, the Amil Zakat Agency will be the solution (to reduce poverty), "he said.

    WZF Secretary General Bambang Sudibyo said the international forum raised the theme of Optimizing the Role of Global Zakat through Digital Technology. The theme was raised for optimizing zakat by using technology.

    "The challenge is how with this technological advancement can further increase the acceleration of services for zakat managers," he said.

    Bambang also hopes, with the 2019 WZF, good zakat management can be formulated. The goal is to increase zakat absorption, distribution is spread, poverty in the world can be reduced, and contribute to sustainable development or SDG’s.

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