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    Acting West Java Regional Secretary: Biodiversity Determines Development Sustainability


    BANDUNG REGENCY- As a 'Mega Biodiversity' country, Indonesia has an extraordinary diversity of biological natural resources with approximately 90 types of ecosystems, 400,000 plant species and 300,000 animal species.

    Acting (Acting) Regional Secretary (Sekda) of West Java (West Java) Province Daud Achmad also assessed that the wealth and biodiversity (biodiversity) can determine the sustainability of development.

    Because, biodiversity is a development capital in various sectors ranging from forestry, science, to industry and tourism.

    In West Java itself, especially in the city of Bandung, there is a Forest Park (Tahura) which is also a buffer for the ecosystem of the City of Bandung.

    "Right now we are in Tahura Ir. H. Djuanda who has a function as a buffer for the City of Bandung and has the heart that we need to guard together," Daud said while attending the 2019 Love and Puspa Love Day celebration in Tahura Ir. H. Djuanda No. 99 Bandung Regency, Tuesday (11/5/19).

    "Therefore, biodiversity conservation needs to be continued because it is very important and decisive for the sustainability of development in various sectors including forestry, agriculture, fisheries, health, science, industry, tourism and others," he added.

    On the Love Day of Puspa and Animals 2019, Daud also appreciated the contributions of foresters, environmentalists, and environmental activists for their dedication and hard work in efforts to preserve Kehati in West Java.

    Daud also invited the entire community to continue to raise awareness as well as the protection and preservation of puspa and national animals.

    "Let us commemorate the Love Day Puspa and National Wildlife Day as a momentum to build synergies and joint actions in protecting and sustainably utilizing biodiversity, so that it can provide maximum benefits for the prosperity of present and future generations," Daud added .

    Finally, David closes his remarks with special rhymes that have been prepared.

    "Go to Tahura, don't forget to buy pancakes. Wish to add jungle, God willing, it will happen," Daud said.

    Also present at the event were the Head of the West Java Forestry Service Epi Kustiawan, the Head of West Java BKSDA Ammy Nurwati, the Head of the UPTD Tahura Djuanda Lianda Lubis, the Chairperson of the Anshari Tahura Partners Forum, and other relevant officials.

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