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    Welcoming the Era of Digitalization, International Experts Speak Knowledge Management


    BANDUNG - In line with government programs especially in the development of superior human resources, the Knowledge Management Society of Indonesia (KMSI) once again held its 3rd Knowledge Management (KM) Summit, 2019.

    President of Knowledge Management Society of Indonesia Prof. Jann Hidajat Tjakraatmadja revealed that the 3rd KM Summit in 2019 will raise the theme of "Innovative Learning to Use Knowledge Asset in Corporation and Public Services at Society 5.0 Era" where this theme is a continuation of the theme of KMSummit1 and KM-Summit 2.

    "This issue is important because there has been an evolution and revolution in knowledge management and learning processes through the use of game-digitizing media," said Prof. Jann Hidajat Tjakraatmadja in Bandung, Tuesday (11/5).

    According to him, it must be recognized if the implementation of knowledge management in an organization will bring many sustainable benefits, especially in improving performance and competitiveness.

    "The role of digital technology at this time and in the future will greatly contribute significantly to every person in the organization," he said.

    If an organization, he added, cannot respond wisely and wisely about the rapid development of digital technology, then this will turn into a serious threat. Therefore, stressed Prof. Jann, in KMSummit 2019 is expected to provide a joint forum for sharing knowledge and experience in order to obtain effective and efficient strategies and innovations, through the implementation of digital technology in organizations to accelerate and sustain the organization's sustainable business for the future.

    According to Forbes, 90% of all startups end in failure. The only solution for startups to survive is for it to learn faster than anyone in the market, so businesses must become learning organizations. This is where Knowledge Management becomes an important part of business. An effective knowledge management process enables companies to document the knowledge they have collected so that it can be reused and improved. Jo

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