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    Dozens of World Country Representatives attended the 2019 World Zakat Forum


    BANDUNG - at least 33 countries attended the 2019 WZF International Conference. This conference was a continuation of the previous year's conference which was held in Melaka, Malaysia.

    The conference which was held in December 2018 produced "11 Resolutions of Melaka 2018", which broadly called for strengthening global zakat cooperation.

    Previously, a series of conferences were held in Bogor (2011), New York (2014), Banda Aceh (2015), Kuala Lumpur (2015), Jakarta (2017), and Melaka (2018). Initially, at the initiation stage this forum only had 9 members from Indonesia, Malaysia, Qatar, Kuwait, Turkey, England, Bahrain, Jordan, Sudan and Saudi Arabia.

    "Now thank God we have 33 member countries, including Bangladesh, Bahrain, Bosnia Herzegovina, South Africa, Sudan, Uganda, America, England, Turkey, Vietnam, Australia, Maldive, Senegal, Liberia, Togo, Benin, and Lion lion, which shows "The fast-growing interest in the global zakat movement is getting stronger," said BAZNAS Chairman Bambang Sudibyo, at the WJF event at the Crown hotel, Bandung, on Tuesday (5/11).

    He revealed the WZF's medium-term target is to include all of the 39 OIC member states in membership. In addition, WZF also has association members including UNDP, UNICEF, IsDB, D-8, and Bank Indonesia.

    During the WZF event, said Bambang, 25 speakers will deliver presentations on the management of zakat in the digital era including Dr. Syed Zafar from India, Dr. Elnur Salihovic from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Muhammad Lawal Maidoki from Nigeria and Dr. M. Ayub Miah Bangladesh. In addition, in this activity also held an annual meeting which will be attended by all members of the WZF.

    "The speakers discussed a variety of materials such as contemporary Fiqh in digital zakat, regulations and the role of government in digitizing zakat, digital zakat management, risk management for zakat institutions in the digital era, strengthening the role of WZF through digital technology, as well as strengthening zakat cooperation between countries in the era digital, "he explained.

    In addition to participating countries, the Indonesia National Amil Zakat Board (BAZNAS), regional leaders and related agencies, academics and researchers, Amil Zakat Institutions, Non-governmental Organizations, Representatives of Multinational Institutions, Students and the general public were also present.

    Meanwhile, the guests were presented with an exhibition or exhibition by BAZNAS, BAZNAS Province, BAZNAS Regency / city, Amil Zakat Institutions and various companies engaged in the digital field. Various digital innovations and products will be exhibited in this booth. Jo

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