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    WJF 2019 Celebrates Diversity


    BANDUNG- A number of potential tourism, arts, culture, and creative economy in the West Java region are displayed in the 2019 West Java Festival which will be held for three days starting from November 1-3, around Gedung Sate, Bandung City.

    West Java Festival 2019 which carries the theme 'To Honor Multicultural Diversity' through the presentation of the concept of activities in the form of carnivals, entertainment, shows, exhibitions and culinary.

    West Java Governor Mochamad Ridwan Kamil said the 2019 West Java Festival celebrated the diversity of cultures and traditions from various regions in Indonesia, such as from Betawi, Cirebon and Priangan.

    "It was welcomed by the tradition of the Cross Door from Betawi culture, there were Cirebonan songs and dance performances from the Priangan culture," said the Governor, as he opened WJF 2019 in front of Gedung Sate Jl. Diponegoro, Bandung City, Saturday (2/11).

    According to the Governor, the 2019 West Java Festival was the culmination of a series of commemorations on the 74th Anniversary of West Java Province which fell on August 19, as a form of community love for West Java.

    The event was opened with a carnival attended by 43 participants consisting of district / city officials throughout West Java as well as a number of provinces in Indonesia and the appearance of a variety of musicians, artists and cultural figures from West Java.

    A number of musicians will be present at the peak night of 2019 WJF, such as Yura Yunita, Mustache and Beard, to Gigi who will entertain visitors on the main stage.

    In addition, there are 260 tenants of West Java's superior products including culinary, fashion, and handicraft, which enliven the WJF 2019 exhibition, which can all be enjoyed by visitors while touring the West Java Area, Urban Area, Nusantara Area, and International Area which is in the Gedung Sate area.

    The ceremony, the Government of West Java Province through the Department of Tourism and Culture (Disparbud) launched the Smiling West Java application, which contains information on tourist locations in West Java.

    With this application, tourists can get knowledge related to amenities, accessibility, and tourist attractions that are owned by the province with the largest population in the country. (Parno)

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