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    BJB Cimahi Keep To Support The Representative Building


    BANDUNG-Member of Commission III of the DPRD of West Java Province, Hj. Gina Fadlia Swara, SE said the office building of Bank Jabar Banten (BJB) Branch of Cimahi has a less representative condition for a branch office.

    “The building of the Branch Office in Cimahi is currently too small for the size of the branch office. Cimahi Branch of BJB need to be supported by building representative for competition among banks in Cimahi very tight,” said Gina to jabarprov.go.id, Monday (18/4).

    Gina said, Cimahi Branch of BJB performance is quite good. In the last 2015, all programs, both microcredit and consumer credit, mortgage loans and other programs, exceeds them targeted. Averaged of 110 percent of the target.

    “We are from the Commission III really concerned to BJB because of the many enterprises in West Java, BJB has succeed to contributes very significantly to the original income. So, it is better supported,” she said.

    Gina was expecting, BJB Centre proper attention to any branches that has no representative building.

    "There should be a serious concern of BJB Centre for construction of new buildings of BJB in Cimahi to be more representative. So, on the feasibility of building is also very supportive of the community to work with BJB,” said the politician from Gerindra Faction.

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