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    Pressing Poverty Rate Through Inclusive Economy and Utilization of Digital Technology


    BANDUNG CITY- The Provincial Government of West Java has succeeded in reducing poverty. Even so, West Java Provincial Government continues to strive to achieve poverty reduction targets. One of its efforts is the development of an inclusive economy with the use of digital technology.

    West Java Deputy Governor Uu Ruzhanul Ulum explained the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) data related to poverty rates in West Java. According to him, in 2018 the poverty rate in West Java will reach 7.54 percent of the population or 3.61 million people. Whereas in 2019, the poverty rate will decrease to 6.91 percent of the population or 3.4 million people.

    "This coordination meeting is an effort to alleviate poverty, even though some indicators have made progress in reducing poverty," said Uu while chairing the Poverty Reduction Coordination Meeting with all regional heads in West Java at the El-Royale Hotel, Bandung, Thursday (31 / 10/19).

    According to Uu, the West Java Provincial Government and the Regency / City Government have made various efforts to reduce poverty. For example, allocating a budget for health insurance for the poor through BPJS membership.

    "We have made efforts to reduce poverty through various program approaches and activities. For example from the aspect of social protection we allocate a budget for health insurance for the poor through the participation of recipients of BPJS contribution assistance," he said.

    Then, the West Java Provincial Government allocated a budget for the improvement of unliveable housing (Rutilahu) and increased the role of the community in the development of strengthening access to capital and synchronizing poverty reduction.

    "In addition to these efforts there are also a variety of excellent programs such as the Intimate Credit, One Product Boarding School, One Village One Company, Digital Village and tourism development programs," Uu said.

    In addition, Uu believes that strengthening the synergy of all parties in accelerating poverty reduction is very much needed. Therefore, West Java Provincial Government applies the concept of collaboration Pentahelix ABCGM (Academics, Business Entities, Communities, Government, and Media).

    Uu also said, there are three instruments that can be applied to synergize various programs with poverty reduction activities in West Java, such as regional action plans, next generation social welfare information system applications, and pro-poor km 0.

    "All three become a unified instrument that can synergize the implementation of poverty reduction in the region," said Uu ended.

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