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    West Java Regional Revenue in 2020 is estimated to Increase 15 Percent


    BANDUNG CITY- West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil delivered a memorandum of introduction to finance related to the West Java Province Regional Budget Raperda in the 2020 Budget Year in the West Java DPRD plenary meeting at the West Java DPRD office, Bandung, Tuesday (29/10/19).

    At the inaugural plenary session with the West Java DPRD for the 2019-2024 period, Emil - greeting Ridwan Kamil - explained a number of principles in the preparation of the West Java RAPBD in 2020. First was to provide the widest possible space for community participation as a manifestation of the principle of transparency through the aspirations.

    Then, present adequate information so that from the aspect of accountability it is easy to know the use of managed finance. The preparation of the budget is guided by the rules of budget discipline which are manifested in estimates of measurable revenues, and effective and efficient expenditures.

    "Imposing regional income is carried out proportionally and the allocation of regional expenditure takes into account the principles of justice and equitable distribution of public services," Emil said.

    In his introduction, Emil said that the estimated 2020 regional revenue would be Rp 41,583 trillion. The amount increased by Rp5,456trillion or increased by 15.10 percent compared to the 2019 Revised Budget target of Rp36.127trillion.

    The regional income is sourced from the Regional Original Income (PAD) of Rp. 25. 233 trillion, the balance fund is estimated to be Rp. 16.336 trillion. Legal income from other matters is estimated at Rp. 23,199 billion.

    "The preparation of regional spending is prioritized to support the effectiveness of the implementation of the tasks and functions of each regional apparatus in accordance with government regulations," he said.

    According to Emil, the regional expenditure policy in the 2020 budget year budget is focused on nine priority development programs, namely:

    1. Access to education for all
    2. Decentralization of health services
    3. Innovation-based economic growth of the people
    4. Development of tourism destinations and infrastructure and the creative economy
    5. Religious education and champion worship places
    6. Regional connectivity infrastructure
    7. Movement to build villages
    8. Free subsidies for economically weak groups for health services, free schooling, improvement in labor and labor.
    9. Innovation of public services and regional restructuring

    Emil hopes that the draft budget for West Java Regional Budget in 2020 will soon be made into a Regional Regulation in accordance with the agreed time.

    "Hopefully it is finished as the schedule has been set for, so let's use the best available time," he said.

    West Java DPRD Chair Taufik Hidayat said, the General Policy on Budget and Priority Ceiling Priorities (KUA-PPAS) for the West Java Regional Budget for the 2020 budget was signed at the West Java DPRD plenary meeting on August 22, 2019 with the previous DPRD members.

    "Now entering the stage of discussion with new members of West Java DPRD," said Taufik.

    The next stage, West Java DPRD will discuss it with the DPRD commissions on October 31, 2019. Then the plenary meeting with the agenda of the factions' views on the Governor's introductory note on the West Java Regional Budget Draft Regional Budget is planned to be held on November 1, 2020.

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