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    Vocational School graduates in West Java Must Have 'BMW'


    KUNINGAN REGENCY - Deputy Governor of West Java (West Java) Uu Ruzhanul Ulum said, graduates of Vocational High Schools (SMK) have advantages because with special expertise that can be directly absorbed by the Business and Industrial World (DUDI).

    Even so, Uu stressed that this could be optimal if SMK graduates in West Java had 'BMW'. BMW in question is the principle of Working, Continuing (lecturing), and Entrepreneurship.

    "Vocational education can actually be a solution to absorb labor. Because it is expected that the output of this Vocational School has certain fields of expertise that can be directly absorbed by the industry, "Uu said in the inauguration ceremony of the H. Tjetje Priatna Sports Hall, Pertiwi Kuningan Vocational School in Kuningan District, Wednesday (10/30/19).

    "SMK is successful or successful where the absorption of alumni can be maximized through BMW," he added.

    Head of the Pertiwi Kuningan Vocational School Dea Ariana Vamitrianto meanwhile said, H. Tjetje Priatna Sports Hall (GOR) is not only used for coaching activities in the field of sports alone.

    However, continued Dea, the GOR, which can accommodate approximately 1,000 people, will also be used for thought processing, taste, and heart processing.

    "This GOR not only functions as a sports venue, but we will make it as a center for learning or thinking like a workshop, for heart training such as religious activities, also for processing such as arts and cultural activities," Dea said.

    Dea also explained that currently SMK Pertiwi Kuningan has implemented an industry-based curriculum and learning system. Therefore, several large companies have collaborated with SMK Pertiwi Kuningan.

    "We have formed an industrial class, starting from the curriculum, school equipment, and other facilities already supported by various industries, such as from Toyota, Yamaha, to Axioo," Dea said.

    "Because SMKs will not progress without the existence of tripartite cooperation between the government, industry, and the community," said the figure who had received an award as Champion 3 Head of West Java High Achievement SMK from the Governor of West Java in 2018.

    The Pertiwi Kuningan Vocational School is one of the largest Vocational Schools in West Java with 2,237 students. Pertiwi Kuningan Vocational School is under the Abdhi Pertiwi Education Foundation which houses four other schools.

    There are six majors taught at the Vocational School established since 1979, namely the Departments of Banking, Software Engineering, Computer and Network Engineering, Light Vehicle Engineering, Motorcycle Business Engineering, and Ototronic Engineering (Electronic Automotive).

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