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    Emil: Defending Our General Champion!


    BANDUNG - West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil insulted West Java Pornas athletes defending the overall title of West Java in the XV National Korpri Sports Week in Pangkal Pinang next November. That hope was expressed by Ridwan Kamil when he confirmed the West Java Pornas contingent in Gedung Sate, Tuesday afternoon (10/29/2019)

    "If we can maintain the overall championship title three times in a row then we will immediately win the Presidential trophy" he said encouraging the athletes present

    In addition to encouraging athletes, the Governor also advised that the pre-leaflets also become ambassadors of the people of West Java while socializing with athletes from other regions.

    "Keep being friendly and show intimacy to other contingents from various regions. In fact, I propose that every West Java athlete is equipped with souvenirs to be given to athletes from other regions.

    Pornas XV will be held 11-19 November 2019 in Pangkal Pinang. West Java follows 8 sports with the strength of 188 athletes and officials. West Java relied on several branches to get gold medals including Field Tennis and Table Tennis. (Even)

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