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    Uu Ruzhanul Opens Jumbara PMR IX PMI West Java


    SUMEDANG REGENCY - As many as 850 PMR members from 27 regencies / cities in West Java participated in the Youth Meet, Community Service, and Joyful Youth Red Cross (Jumbara PMR) IX Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) 2019 Province of West Java Province in 2019 at the Bumi Depa Elephant Camp, Cimalaka, Kab . Sumedang, Tuesday (10/29/19).

    West Java Deputy Governor Uu Ruzhanul Ulum welcomed the organization of the event. According to him, Jumbara PMR IX can broaden horizons and increase the social sensitivity of PMR members.

    "This life we ??cannot be alone. Humans are zoon politican creatures, social beings who need each other, "said Uu when opening the activity. "In PMR with the sincerity of the members (PMR), with the sincerity of helping, with the sincerity of them moving and working. That is expected, "he added.

    PMR itself is a forum for coaching young people who are prepared to become cadres or volunteers. PMR members are required to have skills and become PMI cadres.

    Skills that must be possessed by PMR members include the ability to provide first aid for accidents (P3K), skilled in making emergency litters, skilled in family care, and skilled in dealing with disasters.

    Uu also advised the PMR members to practice Tri Bakti PMR, which is to improve healthy living skills; work and serve in the community; and strengthen national and international friendships, such as joint training PMR with other PMR groups.

    "I advise every member of the PMR to always practice Tri Bakti PMR in carrying out their duties without discriminating between ethnicities, religions, and races," Uu said.

    Jumbara IX Level Prov. West Java was held in commemoration of the 74th Anniversary of PMI. This activity, which is carried out every four years, becomes an important part in shaping the character of youth in accordance with the basic movement principles of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent movements.

    This time Jumbara raised the theme "PMR PMI West Java Volunteers Juara Juara". The aim is to evaluate the implementation of PMR management management and PMR materials according to their level and level; enhance the knowledge and skills and attitudes of PMR members in accordance with the absurdity of the characters; grow and increase community service and care.

    In addition, the purpose of holding Jumbara is also to establish friendships between PMRs throughout West Java; building networks among PMR members throughout West Java through the Forpis or Indonesian Student Volunteer Forum; apply the function and role of the PMR supervisor; and recommends program policies and ongoing PMR guidance activities.

    There are various activities at Jumbara IX that take place from 28 October to 2 November 2019. Among other things, Meeta activities include face-to-face meetings and friendly visits; Community service activities include community service, such as counseling, helping to lighten community duties, and gift giving; and Joyful activities include activities that are happy and cheerful.

    There is also capacity building for trainers, coaches, and PMR members in order to increase knowledge, skills, and others.

    The number of Jumbara participants this time was 1,653 people. Consisting of 850 members of PMR Mula (Elementary School Level or Elementary School), Middle School (SMP), and Wira (SMA) from 27 districts / cities in West Java, 101 accompanying mentors, 412 observers and cheerleaders (PMR members not core participants) , and 250 guests and invitees. Also present were observers from the DKI Jakarta PMI, Yogyakarta Special Region PMI, Central Java PMI, and Banten PMI.

    On the same occasion, the Regional Government of West Java Province provided assistance in the form of two cars and five motorbikes to the PMI of West Java. Symbolically, Uu handed over the aid directly to the Chairman of the West Java PMI Adang Rochjana.

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