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    Vice Governor Ask Kemendagri To Prioritise of Three DOB in West Java


    BANDUNG-Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar expressed his expectation to the Home Affairs Ministry in order to prioritise the expansion of three new Autonomous Region (DOB) in West Java, which is splitting South Garut, North Sukabumi and West Bogor Regency.

    As is known Kemendagri would only agree to the expansion of regions throughout Indonesia as many as 50 areas per year.

    “It could be 20 years from now, the Home Affairs Ministry should prioritise three areas in West Java," said Vice Governor after an audience with the Committee I DPD RI at Gedung Sate, Bandung on Monday (18/04/16).

    Vice Governor reasoned, three areas proposed to be DOB has a large population and vast territory. It is solely to improve the welfare of the people and not for giving power. “In order to encourage the well-being of the communities where the population is vast and densely populated, DOB should have precedence in three areas," he said.

    Currently, West Java Province has only 27 districts and cities, whereas the number of population is the largest in Indonesia, reaching 46 million people.

    "With this kind of expansion should be further improved so as not to miss the uneven development in each region. Central Java itself has 35 districts whereas the population is under from us,” said Vice Governor.

    Vice Governor explained there are two important things to consider when going to propose to become DOB, the boundaries and the results of the division of assets must be absolutely clear and detailed. "Do not get a conviction to be DOB, then the problem asset for years still unfinished and still tails until now. The assets that had been contested so wasteful not used for public purposes," he said.

    "It should be underlined the borders to be concrete, it must be clear boundary region," added Vice Governor.

    Until now, the three proposed files of DOB in South Garut, North Sukabumi and West Bogor Regency have been proposed since 2014 and it’s still in the House of Representatives Commission II for discussion.

    The chairman of Committee I DPD RI Ahmad Muqowam said it shared the Committee I will continue to oversee the proposal in order to quickly approved. He also suggested that the area will be divided to make a temporary administration. The mechanism is thought to be very effective for assessing a good government and is expected until 2019 as this method can already be applied.

    "We agree there is a government that is temporary. While the area was up to three years, it well over three years whether it passed or not, if it passed it could be DOB directly and in 2016 to 2019 or 2020 I think it should already existed the DOB with that mechanism,” said Muqowam.

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