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    Ridwan Kamil is Optimistic West Java Contingent Becomes Champion in Korpri 2019 Pornas


    BANDUNG CITY- West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil is optimistic that the West Java contingent will win the XV National Employee Corps of Indonesian Sports Week (Pornas Korpri) which will take place in Bangka Belitung on 11-19 November 2019.

    "I am optimistic and proud because of the two previous titles, West Java was the overall champion. I will not let go because if we win the Presidential Cup again," said Emil - greeting Ridwan Kamil - while inaugurating the West Java Korpri contingent in Gedung Sate, Bandung, Tuesday (Tuesday) 10/29/19).

    Emil advised that the West Java contingent be able to maintain concentration, physical, and mental, during the event. He also said, the motivation given by others and yourself is able to maintain stamina and psychic during the competition.

    "Do not be careless, do not consider trivial opponents. Make it all a challenge that must be conquered. Do not forget to protect physically, mentally, reduce the game to play, just focus on the game," he said.

    "So, if you later find that moment, remember the theory of sports psychology that we are actually tricked by our own negative thoughts that we will give up even though our hormones and physical can actually be pushed beyond what we think," he added.

    Emil also asked the West Java contingent to provide Tanah Pasundan souvenirs for other contingents and committees. "I entrust the contingent of bringing souvenirs typical of West Java, showing that the people of West Java have the impression that someah are present not only in sports affairs but there are hospitality," he said.

    West Java itself was able to become the overall champion of the XIII Korpri Pornas in South Sulawesi and the XIV Pornas Korpri. If it succeeds in winning the XV Pornas Korpri, West Java will win the Presidential Cup.

    Meanwhile, Deputy Chairman II of the West Java Korpri Board of Management who is also the Acting. Regional Secretary Prov. West Java Daud Achmad said the West Java contingent would fly to Bangka Belitung on November 9, 2019.

    "Because they will first practice training camps in Bandung from 29 to 31 October 2019," Daud said.

    West Java contingent itself will compete in eight sports, such as volleyball, marathon, futal, chess, table tennis, field tennis, and badminton. "That is our mainstay on volleyball and futsal sports, but we remain confident that all sports can achieve maximum results," he said.

    Daud also ensured the West Java contingent was a Civil Servant (PNS) within the West Java Provincial Government and the Regency / City Government in West Java. And, all of these athletes have been selected in the West Java Provincial Government Sports Week (Porpemprov).

    "They are all civil servants because later their membership will be examined there," Daud concluded.

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