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    Jabarpov.go.id: New Face of West Java Provincial Government Website


    BANDUNG-UI Contest / UX official website of the West Java Provincial Government has reached the final stage. Monday (28/10) which coincided with the commemoration of the Youth Pledge Day, became the day of the demo day of the top 10 website contest participants. The demo day event itself runs from morning to evening in the Malabar Gedung Sate meeting room.

    The demo day was opened by the Head of the Communication and Information Office of West Java Province, Setiaji, as the organizer of the contest. In his remarks, Setiaji hopes that there will be a refreshment in the appearance of the website jabarprov.go.id so that it can improve information and services that are beneficial to the community, so that it can increase the number of users and can also increase its user engagement.

    "When I first moved to West Java, the first thing I was looking for was information about the Government and of course I was looking for it on its official website. But at that time I had a little trouble finding the information I needed. credible officials can provide valid information about West Java that is needed by the community, "he said.

    The top 10 participants who came from various regions in Indonesia explained their work to three judges. The judges of the demo day are Setiaji, Head of the Communication and Information Office of West Java Province, Kunto Wiyoga, VP Business Development Panenmaya Group, and Fahrizal Bimantara, UX Designer Bukalapak.

    Here are the names of the top 10 UI / UX contest winners. Jabarprov.go.id Site:
    1. Achmad Arief Hidayat (Individual) - Malang
    2. Azis Arijaya (Group) - South Jakarta
    3. Azmi Iqbal Goldina Prakasa (Group) - South Jakarta
    4. Dimas Aditama Fikri (Group) - West Jakarta
    5. Ginanjar Widya Pamungkas (Group) - Bandung
    6. Adam Sundoro (Individual) - Bekasi
    7. Melinda Wardiman (Group) - South Tangerang
    8. Nanda Brilianto (Group) - Sleman
    9. Rahmat Heru Kurniawan (Group) - Sleman
    10. Sairoh Ashmita (Group) - South Jakarta

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