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    Geopark Ciletuh Logo Contest Prizes to Rp 50 Million


    BANDUNG-Department of Tourism and Culture of West Java Province held a logo contest of Ciletuh Geopark. The competition is open from April 11 until May 11, 2016, to support the Geopark Ciletuh as members of the World Geopark Network by Unesco or Unesco Global Geopark (UGG) in 2017. Its total prizes provided Rp 50 million.

    In a press release received jabarprov.go.id, Friday (15/4) described the race is open to the public. Participants may submit only one work, by attaching identity KTP/SIM /student card and NPWP (those who have) and are required to fill out and sign a statement of originality which can be downloaded at www.geoparkciletuh.org.

    Logo contested fin the form of logogram and logotype (a combination of both), logo in the form of original works not plagiarism or cheat. The logo must include the text of Geopark Ciletuh. Logo has a philosophy and aesthetic value. The logo should be able to represent Geopark Ciletuh which has the characteristics of potential diversity of geological, biological, economic, social and cultural practices in particular and West Java in general.

    Appearance of the logo is simple, unique, easy to remember and apply in the various possible techniques and media, both two-dimensional and three-dimensional. Logo has never been published or included in the previous race. All work submitted become the property of the committee or in this case the Government of West Java Province.

    Geopark Ciletuh race jury is entitled to make adjustments to the design by consulting the winners. Winners shall revise such changes. The evaluation criteria for the originality of the work, the concept of the logo, its beauty and its application in a wide variety of media.

    The contestants are required for registration and to get the number of participants and registration form can be downloaded at www.geoparkciletuh.com race. Work and completeness competition requirements can be sent via email lombalogo@geoparkciletuh.org by mentioning the number of participants in the subject.

    The work can be delivered in the form of files in JPG / PNG / TIFF / PDF, has a high resolution (at least 300 dpi) and include a description of the concept of the logo. Attach scan: ID card / driving license / passport and NPWP (for those who already have) as well as an affidavit about the authenticity of the work.

    The assessment team logo contest is composed of academics, practitioners in the fields of geology, culture, visual communication design. For further information please contact the Marketing Department of Tourism and Culture of West Java Province at Jl. LL.RE. Martadinata No. 209 Bandung Tel. (022) 7273209 ext. 137.

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