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    Youth Innovation Summit 2019 Showed Innovation Works


    BANDUNG- Various innovative works and product titles for West Java young entrepreneurs are exhibited at the 2019 Youth Innovation Summit held by the Provincial Government of West Java through the Youth and Sports Service, at the Arcamanik Sport Youth Center Building, Bandung, Monday (28/10).

    In the event, the Governor of West Java, Mochamad Ridwan Kamil, appreciated and handed over awards to outstanding young pioneers from various fields in West Java.

    The awards given to the high achievers included categories of natural resources and the environment, food, technological innovation, religion, social and culture, education, high achieving young entrepreneurs, agriculture, culinary, and youth organizations.

    The governor said, West Java continued to create new breakthroughs in strengthening the quality of youth resources, one of which was through the Jabar Future Leader program in which 30 youths served as governor's aides to be trained as leaders.

    "Jabar Innovation Fellowship Program in which creative young people are assigned in various offices to provide innovative ideas," said the Governor, at the Youth Innovation Summit 2019, at the Arcamanik Sport Youth Center Building, Bandung, Monday (10/28).

    The governor hopes that the pattern of coaching to youth through various excellent programs of the West Java Regional Government will be able to make the West Java youth maintain their quality of life and be ready to face the challenges of the times.

    "I believe that the pattern carried out by us and dripping down to the regencies and cities should be of the nearly 50 million Jabar residents whose majority are maintained in their quality of life," he said. (Parno)

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