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    PKJB 2019: Watching West Java Department Chief Waddle on the Catwalk


    BANDUNG CITY - Not only professional models who can waddle on the catwalk aka the trajectory of the models showing off clothes.

    Officials in West Java Province (West Java) Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) can act like a model during a fashion show or a typical batik fashion show in 27 districts / cities at the 2019 West Java Crafts Week (PKJB) at Gedung Sate, Saturday (26 / 10/19).

    As many as 46 participants consisting of the Head of the Regional Apparatus Organization (OPD) and staff in the West Java Provincial Government skillfully displayed various designs of West Java batik ranging from typical batik patterns of Tasikmalaya, Garut, Sumedang, to Bogor.

    West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil said, this was proof that West Java's distinctive batik had various patterns. In addition, this batik fashion show is a symbol of the progress of the province with the most population in the field of culture.

    "We want to prove that West Java batik is abundant. Each region has its own characteristics, there are 27 regions there are 27 inspiration references for batik, "said Emil - Ridwan Kamil's familiar greeting.

    "And we can see it in various forms, indicating West Java is full of progress in terms of infrastructure as well as preserving culture," he added.

    In addition to the fashion show of the West Java Provincial Government OPD, a cultural demonstration was also held from Dekranasda 27 districts / cities in West Java. According to Emil, the presence of Dekranasda is important to encourage the development of superior products of regional crafts that have economic value.

    "Dekranasda is important to maintain that our lives are not only economic creatures that are modern in nature, but also economics that come from local wisdom from local culture. Well, that's what we show, "said Emil.

    "We want to be a nation that has an identity, a society that has an identity, one of which is a cultural identity but one that has economic value," he added.

    Previously, it was also announced the making of a book containing a collection of information on various culinary specialties of West Java under the title of Heritage of the Mandala Rasa of West Java. "To be the spirit of West Java, our province full of creativity has also released preparations for culinary encyclopedia books in West Java," Emil said.

    "This signifies creativity not only in the form of goods but also food," he added.

    Not only that, the plan of West Java Provincial Government will also make encyclopedia books on various art and cultural treasures in West Java. In fact, a book about 300 traditional children's games in West Java has been presented.

    "We will present all types of cultural encyclopedias, both of which are batik cloth, as well as food and dance. We already have 300 traditional children's games, well that's one that we have written, "Emil said.

    Before the fashion show began, Emil was accompanied by the Chairman of the West Java Regional National Crafts Council (Dekranasda) Atalia Ridwan Kamil and Deputy Chair of the West Java Dekranasda Lina Ruzhanul released 740 pigeons. This marked the commemoration of the 74th Anniversary of the West Java Provincial Government.

    In the event, the winners of the OPD Level Fashion Show Competition in West Java Provincial Government received prizes in the form of an award certificate and a bicycle. While the winners of the District / City Helaran Culture received cash prizes, namely Champion I amounting to Rp15 million, Champion II Rp12.5 million, Champion III Rp10 million, and the hopeful champions each received Rp 7.5 million.

    Following is the list of winners of the OPD Level Fashion Show Competition in West Java Provincial Government in the context of PKJB 2019:
    Champion I General Bureau of the Regional Secretariat of West Java Province
    Second Winner in West Java Province Human Resources Development Agency
    3rd Place West Java Provincial Transportation Department
    Hope Champion I West Java Province Regional Revenue Agency
    Runner-up II Economic Bureau of the Regional Secretariat of West Java Province
    Hope III Winner of the Office of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries of West Java Province

    List of Winner of District / City Cultural Helaran:
    First Winner in Subang Regency
    2nd place in Bandung City
    3rd Place in West Bandung Regency
    Hope Champion I Tasikmalaya City
    Hope Champion II, Bekasi Regency
    Hope III Champion Bogor City.

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