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    West Java Governor Attends Graduation 937 Little Hafiz in Sukabumi


    SUKABUMI CITY - Governor of West Java (West Java) Ridwan Kamil appreciated the graduation ceremony of 937 hafiz (memorizers of the Koran) age children from the SIT Adzkia Foundation Batch VII.

    According to Emil - as Ridwan Kamil was called, the graduation of the hafiz of the SIT Adzkia Foundation was the biggest graduation memorization of the Koran he had ever attended.

    "I am very proud. I have never seen one graduation (hafiz) this much. Amazing, "Emil said at Al Muttaqin Mosque, Setukpa Lemdiklat Polri, Sukabumi City, Saturday (10/26/19).

    "Congratulations to my brothers and sisters, my children who are graduating today have become Quran reciters. Hopefully, we will become leaders in Indonesia in the future, pray for great scholars in the future, pray for useful people in the community, "he said.

    Graduation for the memorizers of the Koran is certainly in line with the program of the West Java Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) namely One Village One Hafidz Alquran (Sadesa). As for seven years, the Adzkia Foundation has given birth to more than 4,000 memorizers of the Koran.

    "West Java is now being prepared to become a Quran memorizing province," Emil said.

    West Java Province alone has approximately 5,000 villages. Emil hopes that through the Sadesa program there will be at least one Quranic hafiz in every village in the province with the largest population in Indonesia.

    To that end, the West Java Provincial Government invites the Adzkia Foundation to work together to maximize the Sadesa program.

    "In the four years we aspire that there is not a single village that doesn't have memorization of the Koran," Emil said.

    "Later, I will entrust village children from all over West Java, and later be given a scholarship by the Governor for schools in Adzkia to memorize the Koran," he added.

    While on the previous agenda, Emil also attended the Graduation Ceremony of the Graduate School of Islamic Religion (STAI) Sukabumi Academic Year 2018-2019 which was held at the Anton Soedjarwo Building, Setukpa Lemdiklat Polri, Sukabumi City.

    In this Academic Year 2018-2019, STAI Sukabumi inaugurated as many as 458 people, consisting of 88 graduates of the Masters Program and 370 graduates of the Bachelor of Islamic Studies Program.

    Since the first graduation in 1978, STAI has graduated as many as 17,015 people. Until now, STAI has 3,800 active students.

    "My theme today is education, I attended the graduation of STAI Sukabumi Bachelor and Postgraduate. Then inaugurating the Quran Foundation Adzkia hafiz. This signifies the concept of Born Inner is running fast, "said Emil.

    "Hopefully Sukabumi gives an example that life is not only infrastructure or physical matters but also balanced inner and outer affairs by strengthening religion in our young generation. I am here to support that spirit, "he stressed.

    In front of the graduates of Sukabumi STAI, Emil invited university graduates in West Java, especially STAI Sukabumi, to take part in making Jabar Champion Born and Inner competitive competitive.

    This means that West Java HR does not only master the scientific field, but is supported by other competencies such as digital skills and good foreign language skills.

    "So, college graduates in West Java, especially STAI Sukabumi, add knowledge that has been obtained on campus with all-digital capabilities. The da'wah if it can be digital, spreading goodness via digital, "said Emil.

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