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    Indigenous Village, Fortress of Negative Influences


    CIAMIS - The existence of a traditional village is believed to be a bastion of negative influence or culture. This was revealed by West Java Deputy Governor Uu Ruzhanul Ulum while attending the 'Nyuguh' cultural event in Kampung Adat Kuta, Tambaksari District, Ciamis Regency, Thursday (10/24/2019).

    "In addition to the tourism function, the most important thing is that the existence of a traditional village is actually a bastion of negative cultural influences. With positive customs maintained by the traditional village community, this can be a barrier to customs that are not in accordance with the community" said Uu.

    Moreover, according to Uu, certain customs in many traditional villages are in accordance with the teachings of religion, especially Islam.

    "Perhaps because of the influence of the Islamic religion is quite accepted and believed by the village community, the culture of Islamic religion has become united with the custom itself, and even has become a perfection," he said.

    Uu hopes that between the local government and the residents of traditional villages in West Java can work together to transmit positive customs to residents around the traditional villages.

    "So it should not only be a spectacle, but it should be able to be a guide for the people around how they can consistently maintain their culture and customs" said Uu.

    If as a tourist attraction, of course the government will continue to assist and facilitate the existence of traditional villages, especially in infrastructure such as roads that support the existence and sustainability of traditional villages. (Even)

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