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    West Java Wins Several AMH 2019 Awards


    Pangkal Pinang - West Java won several prestigious awards on the eve of the 2019 Public Relations Media Award (AMH) in Pangkal Pinang, Bangka Belitung Islands, Friday (10/25/2019) night.

    As for several awards that were won at the event include:

    1. Press Release / News from the Provincial Government Group (West Java Provincial Secretariat)
    2. Provincial Government Website Group (West Java Province Communication and Information Office)

    This year, West Java was also nominated in several award categories, including:

    1. Internal Media Publishing Category for Provincial Government Groups (Regional Secretariat of West Java Province)
    2. Provincial Government Social Media (Office of Communication and Information of West Java Province)

    On this occasion, the winners were announced for various categories at the 2019 National Folk Performance Festival. West Java won an award for the Best Player / Actor in 2019 Petunra.

    The head of the West Java Province's Office of Communication and Information received the AMH 2019 award. "This appreciation adds motivation for the Government of West Java Province in improving public information services," said Setiaji.

    The Public Relations Media Award is the highest award for PR people who are held annually by the Ministry of Communication and
    Informatics of the Republic of Indonesia.

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