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    Increasing Production Capacity, Bio Farma is Ready for Market Expansion to the African Continent


    JAKARTA (10/24/219) - Bio Farma has prepared a series of strategies after being appointed as holding holding of BUMN BUMN. Appointment based on Government Regulation of the Republic of Indonesia Number 76 Year 2019 Concerning Addition of the State Capital Investment of the Republic of Indonesia into the PT Bio Farma Company's Equity Capital which was approved by President Jokowi on October 15, 2019 ago.

    The strategy includes increasing market share both domestically and for the export market. This strategy is in line with Bio Farma's status as a state-owned company, which is also present to improve the health status of the Indonesian people, by meeting domestic vaccine needs.

    Then the role of Bio Farma in the global market, by expanding the export market by expanding into the African continent and several countries of the Islamic Cooperation Organization (OIC).

    Director of Bio Farma Honesti Basyir said, in accordance with the objectives of the Sustainable Development Goals, which target in 2030, will end the death of newborns and toddlers one of them through vaccination.

    "The vaccination program seeks to eliminate diseases that can be prevented by vaccines, as well as to support the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals number 3, which is about universal health, where all children and toddlers and adults must get vaccines easily. Therefore Bio Farma "It is necessary to increase production capacity both for existing products and for new Bio Farma products," Honesti said.

    Honesti added Bio Farma will increase market share for the African continent and several Islamic countries, such as Nigeria and Tanzania whose MoU was signed in August 2019 at the Indonesia-Africa Infrastructure Dialogue event in Bali, in addition to expanding market share, Bio Farma is ready to carry out technology transfer, especially to OIC member countries.

    To support the effort to increase the production capacity, Bio Farma gets syndicated investment credit trust from seven National Banks led by BRI, Mandiri Bank and BNI as Joint Mandated Lead Arranger and Bookrunner (JMLAB) of Rp 2.25 Trillion, - consisting of conventional scheme of IDR 1.65 trillion and conventional scheme of IDR 600 billion. The seven banks include, BNI, BRI, Bank Mandiri, BNI Syriah, BRI Syariah, Mandiri Syariah and Indonesia Eximbank.

    This investment credit scheme uses conventional and sharia schemes (musyarakah financing). This indicates that Bio Farma provides support for the development of the sharia economy, including funding of sharia schemes for the development of health infrastructure in Indonesia.

    The signing of the investment credit was carried out on October 24, 2019 in Jakarta, and was carried out by the Director of Finance and Bio Farma Business Partners and each representative of the seven syndicated banks, witnessed by the Director of Bio Farma, Honesti Basyir.

    Furthermore, I.G.N Suharta said that his party was grateful for getting the trust for investment loans from seven national banks. The funds will be used to build production support facilities for both existing and new products to help plan Bio Farma's market expansion going forward.

    "We will use this investment credit fund to add production support facilities and equipment, such as Quality Control facilities, pre production preparations, Clinical Trials, and also maintenance of production facilities, in line with the addition of the latest production facilities which are still in the completion stage," said Suharta .

    Existing products that will be upgraded include the Pentavalent vaccine, and an increase in active ingredient capacity (API) for bulk tetanus and diphtheria. Bio Farma's future products, including the MR vaccine, Typoid vaccine, and Rotavirus vaccine, will use new facilities to be built in Bandung's Pasteur area. (Even)

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