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    Bumi Serumpun Sebalai Welcomes the Contingents on the Opening Night of the 2019 Petunra Festival


    Pangkal Pinang - Host of the 2019 National Level Folk Performing Festival (Petunra), Pangkal Pinang City, Bangka Belitung Islands Province welcomes contingents from 11 Provinces by holding the opening night of the 2019 Petunra Festival. Alun Alun Taman Merdeka as the venue for Petunra this year has been filled with people and supporters who support their contingent appear from the afternoon.

    The annual event of the Directorate General of Public Communication Information (Ditjen IKP) of the Ministry of Communication and Information of the Republic of Indonesia was previously held in Tangerang City, Banten Province.

    Deputy Governor of the Bangka Belitung Islands Abdul Fatah was present and expressed his appreciation to the public who were enthusiastic about traditional media.

    Abdul said that the art of folk performances contained meanings that could be interpreted. Therefore, Abdul invited the audience to interpret the appearance of Indonesian artists and be able to capture the message conveyed.

    "We welcome all regency city contingents from various provinces in Indonesia, tonight we will witness the Festival of the People's Show and we interpret together the arts that can be used as a means to convey messages to this community, Abdul Fatah said in his remarks (24 / 10/2019).

    The 2019 Petunra Festival was held for 2 days, October 24 and 25, 2019. The event was officially opened by the Director General of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology Republic of Indonesia Widodo Muktiyo.

    "Tonight is the art of contestation where the best artists from various provinces will be judged by competent judges, and enjoy the 2019 Petunra Festival, Widodo said.

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