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    Deputy Governor: People Do not Discriminate ODGJ


    WEST BANDUNG REGENCY- There are still very few families to bring members who are ODGJ (People with Mental Disorders) to the places of health care to be the cause of the least number of cases that can be recorded by the Health Office and the Mental Hospital (RSJ) of West Java.

    This condition is a result of embarrassment or from the family if you have to notify others, including health care workers.

    Responding to these problems, Deputy Governor of West Java, Uu Ruzhanul Ulum asked the community to increase awareness of people with mental disorders, aka ODGJ, one of them by bringing their families who are ODGJ to the service of the crime.

    "If you find ODGJ, you have to care about not ignoring let alone being laughed at, at least report it to us," said the Deputy Governor, in commemoration of the 27th World Mental Health Day, West Java Provincial Level, West Java Regional Hospital, West Bandung Regency, Wednesday (23 / 10).

    The Deputy Governor also asked every family whose members had mental illnesses to not be ashamed, let alone driven from their homes to pasung, but had to take them to a health care center or to a mental hospital.

    "Don't be ashamed to be rehabilitated or if possible can be handled alone, because we also have limitations but if done together it would be better," said the Deputy Governor.

    Deputy Governor added, to reduce the number of mental disorders, there are several preventive actions that can be done by the community, one of them is by increasing faith and piety.

    "If faith and piety are strong then the problems that befall them will not interfere with their mentality. In West Java there are many programs in that direction according to the vision of West Java Champion Born Inner," he said.

    Meanwhile, Managing Director of the West Java Provincial Mental Hospital, Elly Marliyani stated, during inj time the number of visits of inpatients, outpatients and emergency room in the last 5 years has increased.

    "In 2014 inpatients, outpatients and emergency room at the East Java mental hospital totaled 47,757 people, followed by 48,967 people (2015), 53,930 people (2016), 59,455 people (2017), 59,122 people (2018), and 41,194 people (2019) ). (Parno)

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