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    Governor Appreciates the Issuance of Pesantren Law


    BANDUNG - The Governor of West Java, Mochamad Ridwan Kamil, expressed his appreciation to the DPR RI and the Central Government which had ratified Law No. 18 of 2019 concerning Pesantren in the plenary meeting last September 24.

    "Alhamdulillah, this year the santri day is special, namely the passing of the Pesantren Law," said the governor, after attending the Commemoration of West Java Day Santri Day at Gasibu Field on Tuesday (10/22).

    According to the Governor, with the passing of Law (Law) No. 18 of 2019 concerning Islamic boarding schools, indicates that the state will facilitate the obligations of programs and budgets that have been different, which so far have been missed because traditional pesantren education specifically often lacks attention.

    "Hopefully with the presence of the Islamic Boarding School Law makes the atmosphere of santri day 2019 and this becomes extraordinary and the new tradition in our gasibu begins to signify that we highly respect and celebrate the human resources coming from this pesantren," he said.

    The governor added, with the Pesantren Law, the state was present to provide recognition, affirmation and facilitation to pesantren while maintaining its uniqueness and independence and the students had the same rights as students in other educational institutions.

    "The Pesantren Law guarantees equality and government support both programs and budgets to advance more than 12 thousand pesantren in West Java," he said.

    The governor added, the West Java Provincial Government has an English for Ulama program which supports the mission of the central government to make pesantren a laboratory for world peace.

    "English for Ulama is a public program of West Java Provincial Government which sends five scholars to preach in a number of cities in England and broadcast peaceful Islam. For the first five graduates, they will fly to England on 2 November 2019," he explained.

    While to encourage economic welfare, the West Java Provincial Government also provides capital assistance and tools to do business to 1,001 pesantren through the One Pesantren One Product (OPOP) program which is expected to bring economic independence to the people while making West Java pesantren an exemplary pesantren and an example of independence for other pesantren in Homeland. (Parno)

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