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    Santri Day, Governor Reads 9 Points Reasons for Islamic Boarding School as a Peace Laboratory


    BANDUNG- Thousands of students from various pesantren in West Java attended the Commemoration of Santri Day 2019 West Java Level which took place at the Gasibu Field in Bandung, Tuesday (10/22). And acted as the inspector of the warning ceremony was the Governor of West Java, Mochamad Ridwan Kamil.

    In the commemoration, the Governor read out the nine points of the speech of the Secretary General (Secretary General) of the Indonesian Ministry of Religion Mohamad Nur Kholis Setiawan regarding the reasons of pesantren as a peace laboratory.

    The first point, due to the awareness of religious harmony and nationhood through cultural resistance during the colonial period, the struggle for independence, the formation of a state foundation, the outbreak of the 1945 Jihad Resolution, and the PKI rebellion that was inseparable from the role of the pesantren.

    Second, the method of studying and studying. Through that, students are educated to learn to accept differences, but still rely on authentic sources of law. Third, students are usually taught to khidmah (devotion) as a principle of santri loyalty which is framed in the paradigm of religious ethics and the reality of social needs.

    Fourth, education on independence, cooperation and mutual assistance among students. Fifth, community movements such as arts and literature flourish in pesantren.

    Sixth, because pesantren is the birthplace of various discussion groups on a small or large scale. The seventh reason, the students always take care of the treasures of local wisdom.

    Eighth, the principle of maslahat (public interest) is a handle that is not negotiable by the pesantren. The ninth point is also the last, because pesantren instill spiritual so that students are far from intolerance, rebellion, and terrorism. (Parno)

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