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    West Java Provincial Government Will Review Recalling Methods for School Curriculum


    BANDUNG CITY- The Provincial Government of West Java plans to study the method of remembering various information, such as numbers, writing, names, pictures, and objects, to be applied in the school curriculum.

    As stated by West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil after receiving the 2019 Asia Open Memory Championship participants from Pasundan Land in the Pakuan Building, Bandung City, Monday (10/21/19).

    "Later in January 2020 we will make a seminar first on how this memorization method can be used as a school curriculum in West Java," Emil said - so Ridwan Kamil was called.

    According to Emil, the ability to remember quickly and accurately can be trained because it does not originate from genetic factors.

    "It turns out that this memorizing power (recollection) can be trained and my interests besides respecting them also want to make this scientific memory intelligence become a new culture of education in West Java," he said.

    On the same occasion, Emil had also instructed the Provincial Education Office. West Java to study the method. In addition, he plans to hold the West Java Open Memory Championship.

    "The championship considering the regional level turned out to be possible. So, we will discuss the West Java Open Memory Championship plan as a form of appreciation and to become a culture, especially for the younger generation," he said.

    Emil added, the ability to remember well is an extraordinary intelligence. "I appreciate and be amazed because this (considering) is an extraordinary intelligence, of course, an investment in West Java," he said.

    Of the nine Grand Master Memory from Indonesia, three of them are residents of West Java. They are Fatimah Aiko (West Bandung Regency), Amira Soraya (Sukabumi) and Yossyifa Zahra (Depok). On 4-7 October, they took part in the 2019 Asia Open Memory Championship.

    "They are West Java children whose memory is world class, in Indonesia there are 9 grand masters and 3 of them are from West Java. They will return to compete at the international level in China in December 2020, we must support it," Emil said.

    At the Asian level, Indonesia ranks third in the championship considering 12,438 points. Meanwhile, Mongolia ranks first with 19,818 points and second place belongs to China with 13,536 points. (Even)

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