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    There is a Maritime Investment Agreement Touches Education Sector in WJIS 2019


    BANDUNG - West Java Investment Summit (WJIS) 2019 presents investment agreements in the education sector. Bumi Laut Group and Glasgow City College plan to develop a maritime school in Pasundan Land, precisely in Patimban.

    Bumi Laut Group CEO Jay A. Singgih stated, development is not only a matter of infrastructure or physical development, but also the creation of a comprehensive curriculum and syllabus. These two things, he said, became his party's main attention.

    "We do not want to make a syllabus of a minimum standard. The minimum standard is good, it's permitted to sail. But, we want more than that because the element of safety must also be a concern, "Jay said at Trans Luxury, Bandung City, Friday (18/10).

    "90 percent of the risk or accident at sea is due to human error. So, what we have to practice is humans, "Jay continued.

    There are a number of steps Jay will take to create a comprehensive maritime school curriculum and syllabus. First is to study in the UK. Britain was chosen because it became the center of maritime organizations under the United Nations, the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

    According to Jay, all legislation and regulations relating to maritime affairs were born from the IMO. In addition, he said, his party would bring in maritime experts from Glasgow, Scotland, to provide material to lecturers and lecturers at maritime schools in Indonesia.

    This was done to improve the capabilities of maritime school teachers in Indonesia. Jay also said Patimban was chosen because a port was being built in the area. Therefore, the quality of Human Resources (HR) in the maritime field needs to be improved.

    "In Indonesia, there are several examples, it is difficult for lecturers to get permission to leave. So, it's a shame to wait for them to get permission to go abroad. So, we first bring them (maritime experts from Glasgow) here. So that later it can be implemented at the school, "said Jay.

    "My plan, because maritime is broad, in the first year there was everything. First Maritime Tourism, including cruise. Second, Marine Fisheries. Third, Marine Resources and Maritime Law. This law is very important. The last is a commercial ship, "he added.

    Jay's attention was focused on language. According to him, language is needed not only to translate the Manual Engine, but also to understand the shipping language.

    "When at sea, when panic, people think using their own language. There is no sync. Our focus is not only on standard English, but English for shipping, "he said.

    West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil welcomed the plans of Bumi Laut Group and Glasgow City College. The investment agreement, he said, showed that the West Java Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) was focused on developing human resources.

    "Mr. Jay will build a Polytechnic in the maritime field in Patimban. So, later Patimban will be fine, the children there will go to school there with the best English (maritime) curriculum in the world, "he said. "Not only the industry, but we also pay attention to HR so that there is no unemployment," he added. Jo

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