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    West Java Original Puntang Coffee Becomes First Champion in the Indonesia Cupping Contest 2019


    BANDUNG - Puntang Coffee, a natural Arabica category native to Bandung Regency, West Java, was named as the first champion in the Indonesian national championship Cupping Contest XI 2019 defeating competitors Kerinci Jambi coffee, Aceh Gayo coffee, Mandailing coffee and Kintamani coffee.

    The cupping contest held from Thursday 17 October to Saturday 19 October was followed by 572 participants from all over Indonesia. Puntang Coffee category of natural arabica is said to have earned a score of 90.75 which was named by the Indonesian Coffee Industry and Exporters Association (AEKI).

    Puntang Kopi category of natural arabica is declared superior in acidity, body thickness, fragrance, sweetness, flavor, clean and after taste.

    The owner of Puntang Coffee, Irwan S Komaludin, explained that the competition was followed by a one-year preparation, starting from the treatment of coffee trees, selection of cherry seeds, washing, drying and sorting uniform seeds.

    "It was all done carefully, for example, when we select the seeds, we are selective to get cherries with a perfectly uniform red color. Even at the washing stage, we have to use water directly from the spring so that the taste is not contaminated, "said Irwan at Puntang Bandung Coffee Shop, West Java.

    Irwan added, his party was faced with international level professional judges including the United States, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Thailand, Vietnam. For judges from Indonesia, they are the Director of the Coffee and Cocoa Research Center (Puslit Koka), the Ministry of Trade and coffee business practitioners.

    "Because the cupping process is more on taste tests, we make five collapsed cups of coffee into one perfect package that is directly tested by jury from home and abroad," he explained.

    According to him, twisted coffee which is the concern of the Regional Government to become a superior product, will continue to improve quality. "Actually, you could say that Puntang had a negative sentiment that yesterday it just happened to be coincidental because coffee from another entrepreneur had won in America. There are many perceptions like that, so in the future it must be more up front to take the initiative to advance regional products, "he said," he added.

    Arabica Natural Coffee Puntang type has been developed since 2015 with integrated processing from farmers, sorting coffee beans, roasting and packing. The development of the local brand of puntang coffee that is currently underway is Puntang Coffee @ puntang.coffee, Diman Coffee @dimancoffee, Ori Coffee @ kopiori.id and Mako Coffeeshop. Jo

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