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    Tourism Minister Arief Said SBM ITB Applied International Standard Curriculum


    BANDUNG, - Minister of Tourism (Menpar) RI, Arief Yahya said the School of Business Management of the Bandung Institute of Technology (SBM ITB) is the best tertiary institution. Especially entrepreneurship education. That was one of the reasons for her sending her three children to the campus located on the Bandung city Ganesha street.

     "In my opinion for the management school, SBM ITB is the best," said Menpar when attending the SBM ITB Graduation night celebration event titled Graduations Night at the Continental Hotel, Bandung City, Thursday (10/17/2019) night.

    Arief also considered that the SBM ITB curriculum had adopted global standards so that it was able to answer challenges in the future.

    "In my experience SBM ITB has adopted global standards," he said

    On the same occasion Menpar was also asked to share experiences at the SBM ITB Graduations Night event to provide inspiration for young people, graduates or graduates / graduates.

    He mentioned that more than 50 percent of SBM ITB graduates chose a career as entrepreneurs.

    "In my past, I graduated from being a civil servant or a BUMN. If it was not SBM ITB's children, it would be a strong entrepreneurship," he added.

    He even admitted that he had asked Bandung Tourism College (NHI) under the auspices of the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism (Kemenpar) to establish cooperation with SBM ITB.

    The collaboration between the two educational institutions includes entrepreneurial curriculum and creating business incubation.

    "For SBM ITB entrepreneurship curriculum, it has established cooperation with STP NHI Bandung. While for business incubation, we will explore together," he explained

    He advised SBM ITB graduates to foster entrepreneurship because all this time they were considered less than optimal. Furthermore, it must be able to determine the leading sectors to improve the economy of the country.

    "That's what is often asked by the President to improve the nation's economy," he said (Pun)

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