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    Governor Opens The 34th MTQ 2016 in Tasikmalaya


    TASIKMALAYA-The 34th Musabaqoh Tilawatul Qur'an 2016 in the West Java Provincial Level was officially opened by West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan with torches set fire to the axis that connects to a replica of Mushaf Al Qur'an.
    At the opening of the MTQ, the Governor was accompanied by the Chairman of West Java Parliament, Vice Governor of West Java, Tasikmalaya Mayor and the MTQ Organising Committee, Ahmad Hadadi.

    Governor in his speech stressed two things to be aware of the qoriah and mostly citizens of West Java. First, make the organising of MTQ this time as a momentum to increase the appreciation, understanding and practice of the Koran in life. Thus the Qur'an actually grounded in West Java.

    Secondly, make this Qur'an as a straightener for those who believe that after Prophet Muhammad is no other prophet and those who believe that the implementation of the five times prayer as have agreed by the scholar.

    He hopes that the council of judges who have sworn it, can really provide the best possible assessment and a full contingent of objectivity that gave birth to the overall winner. "That the overall winner that is merely a stepping stone only in order to improve understanding and practice of al Quran.

    Earlier, Chairman of the MTQ organising also Asda for People's Welfare, Ahmad Hadadi in the report explains that the MTQ this time followed around 1,900 qoriah and will compete for 21 gold pieces to branch Musabaqoh Tilawatil Qur'an level of adults, youth and children; Hifdzil Quran, intelligent talk of al quran, qur'an khotmil, etc. According to Ahmad Hadadi, the 34th MTQ will take place from 17 to 23 April 2016.

    MTQ specifically for the winners this time will follow the national MTQ in June 2016 in Nusa Tenggara Barat, thus Hadadi.

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