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    Secretary of Clarification of News about Development Acceleration Team


    BANDUNG - West Java Provincial Government claims the existence of the Development Acceleration Team (TAP) formed by the Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil (Emil) does not interfere with the performance of regional apparatus organizations (OPD). Although not straightforwardly, Acting Regional Secretary of West Java Province Daud Achmad dismissed information that said the TAP was disrupting the WTO to damage harmonization with the West Java Provincial Parliament.

    "TAP is not an illegal creature. TAP was formed by the governor's decision. His job there is clear," Daud said when holding a press conference, in Bandung, Wednesday (16/10).

    According to him, the TAP chaired by former Unpad Chancellor, Tri Hanggono Achmad, was tasked with providing input and jointly overseeing the Emil-Uu program which was included in the RPJMD until 2023. "So we work together, collaborate with TAP," he said.

    David also refused if there were TAP elements who intervened in the WTO. "Actually it is not an intervention. What I feel is we synergize, collaborate, discuss, and so on," he said.

    However, he did not respond in the presence of TAP elements that could cross out the work programs that had been agreed with the council. Due to time constraints, Daud, who was present with a number of OPD heads, was unable to specify budget allocations for a team that was filled with volunteers and supporters of Emil-Uu in the 2018 Governor Election.

    The presence of TAP in OPD, according to him, has become commonplace. "Actually, it is a team of experts. From the first time there was a team of experts in each department. In every service there was a team of experts from before, so it was permitted as needed," he said.

    Alluded to a complaint from the West Java Provincial Parliament regarding the existence of the TAP, Daud appreciated the assessment. "We really appreciate. This is our input, this is also clear as an evaluation material for us, for future improvement, for the progress of the people of West Java," he said.

    He also ensured that executive communication with the legislature would be further enhanced. "God willing, in the future we will continue to establish communication with various lines, including the DPRD. It has been a long time from the Governor to communicate with the DPRD," he said.

    On the same occasion, the Chairperson of TAP, Tri Anggono Achmad, ensured that his office held fast to the assignment. "West Java has a big challenge. We are called to contribute," he said. (Even)

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