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    Acting West Java Governor: Qualified HR is the Key to Indonesia Gold in 2045


    CIREBON CITY - Plh. West Java Governor Uu Ruzhanul Ulum believes that universities can produce superior and high quality Human Resources (HR). Because, he said, universities are able to forge student intellect, creativity, and self-confidence.

    Therefore, Uu stated that college graduates are certain to be able to integrate themselves with the development or demands of the times. In addition, university graduates must also have a concern for the situation of the community, nation and state.

    That was said by Uu while attending the Graduation XX of the Bachelor and Master of Islamic State Institute (IAIN) Program of Nurjati Cirebon at Aston Hotel, Cirebon City, Wednesday (10/16/19).

    "To the brothers and sisters who are graduating today, the challenges ahead are waiting. The challenge should not be used as an obstacle to advance, but to make it an opportunity to work," Uu said.

    According to Uu, quality human resources became one of the pillars to realize Indonesia Gold 2045. Therefore, the West Java Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) is currently working to improve the quality of human resources. One of them by initiating West Java Masagi.

    "To maximize this, the young generation must be able to master hard skills and soft skills in their respective fields and participate actively in political, social and economic activities," he said.

    "Moreover, IAIN alumni have more responsibilities. Our hope is that graduates will also be able to implement Islamic values ??in the frame of the nation and state," he added.

    On the same occasion, Uu also invited universities to collaborate and contribute in realizing the vision of West Java Champion Born Inner. "We want development in West Java to be able to realize physical development and community order that has strong cultural and religious roots," he said.

    IAIN Chancellor Sheikh Nurjati Cirebon Sumanta asked the graduates to continue to develop their capabilities. Moreover, demands in the industrial era 4.0 are dynamic and difficult to predict. "Hopefully we can tread, reach the glory of Indonesia," he said.

    "Therefore we have to open access to education for the people not only the upper middle class, but also the lower middle class," he added.

    Sumanta said, access to education for all people is one of Sunan Gunung Djati's words, namely 'insun entrusted to the poor and poor' or 'I entrusted to the tajug (a type of mushalla or langgar which is also used as a place to recite the Qur'an) and the poor.'

    According to Sumanta, the lecture was not only about maintaining the mushalla, but also about how the welfare of educational institutions, such as madrasas, pesantren, and universities.

    "Likewise, what is desired from the term poor, not just beggars begging, but mainly students and students, students who are really studying and need help for the continuity of their studies," he said.

    Therefore, Sumanta admitted that his party had made a detailed plan related to the budget to increase scholarships. The goal is that all levels of society can access education at Cirebon IAIN. (Even)

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