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    Preventing Stunting, West Java Formed a Convergence Prevention Team for Stunting


    REGENCY OF WEST BANDUNG- The Provincial Government of West Java has formed a Stunting Prevention Convergence Team, to prevent stunting cases that currently exist in a number of cities and regencies in West Java.

    Chairman of the Working Group of the IVT Working Group on Family Welfare Empowerment (PKK) of West Java Province, Siska Gerfianti said, as a one-year commemoration of announcing stunting and the National Health Day, the West Java Provincial Government had made a breakthrough by forming the Stunting Convergence Prevention Team.

    "The team with the Governor's direct supervisor and Chairman of the TP PKK of West Java Province, in the program we will conduct a pilot project for 3 months in 14 villages from 14 districts whose children have priority stunting," said Siska, who is also the Special Staff of the Governor for the Health Sector .

    According to Siska, up to now only 1 village per district has been chosen, with the hope that we would like to know the right approach mode so that now all teams go to the regions to re-measure their children and intervene directly with pediatricians, Puskesmas, nurses and midwife.

    "Later after we re-check, then given nutrition intervention, we will also see sanitation and others," Siska said, during a Mobile Broadcasting Event in West Bandung Regency, Wednesday (10/16).

    Siska hopes that with this program, these villages can become a model for their respective districts in preventing stunting, which is currently still quite high in West Java.

    "Children will continue to be monitored for their health development by carrying out several laboratory tests complete with the hope that there will be better changes related to their health," Siska concluded. (Parno)

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