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    Prevent Stunting with Parenting, Good Diet and Sanitation


    REGENCY OF WEST BANDUNG - Various efforts continue to be carried out by the Government of West Java Province to prevent stunting, which currently still exists in a number of cities and districts in West Java.

    The Chairman of the West Java Province Family Welfare Empowerment (PKK) Activator Team, Atalia Praratya Kamil stated, there are three ways that can be done by the community, especially parents to prevent their children from stunting, namely through parenting, eating patterns and good sanitation.

    "These three patterns play an important role in preventing stunting in Indonesia, especially West Java, because stunting not only slows physical growth, but also interferes with the development of children's brains," Atalia said during a Mobile Broadcast in West Bandung Regency, Wednesday (16/10).

    According to Atalia, stunting cases in West Java are relatively high at this time, reaching 29.2 percent, and not all of them from poor families but from well-off families.

    "Stunting cases in West Java reached 29.2%, in KBB 36.69%, and for Padalarang District there were 38 cases and 19 of them were prosperous families, meaning stunting cases were not only directly related to economic conditions, but also with understanding "Parenting, eating patterns, including sanitation," he said.

    Atalia added, in addition to poor nutrition, poor water and sanitation conditions also contributed to the high stunting rate for children in Indonesia, therefore clean water and sanitation became the goal of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that must be met in the coming 2030.

    "Nowadays, many people feel the importance of stunting prevention only in terms of diet, how to provide the best protein, how nutrition and so on, but they forget that sanitation is also an important part of stunting prevention," he said.

    Stunting is a condition of children who have a lower height than the standard age due to lack of nutritional intake. Stunting itself happens not just like that, but through a long or chronic process. (Parno)

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