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    Atalia Ridwan Kamil: Preventing Stunting with Parenting, Good Diet and Sanitation


    WEST BANDUNG REGENCY - Chairman of the West Java Province PKK Activist Team Atalia Ridwan Kamil stated, parenting, eating patterns, and sanitation play an important role in preventing stunting in Indonesia, especially West Java. According to him, stunting not only slows physical growth, but also interferes with the child's brain development.

    "The stunting case in West Java is quite high at 29.2 percent, specifically in the KBB it is 36.69 percent and for the Padalarang sub-district region there are 38 cases and 19 of them are prosperous families," said Atalia during a Mobile Broadcast in Bandung Regency West, Wednesday (10/16/19).

    "It means that the stunting case is not only directly related to economic conditions, but also with understanding, parenting, eating patterns, including sanitation," he added.

    Stunting means the condition of children who have a lower body height than the standard age due to lack of nutritional intake. Stunting itself happens not just like that, but through a long or chronic process.

    Atalia added, besides poor nutrition, poor water and sanitation conditions also contributed to the high rate of stunting of children in Indonesia. In fact, clean water and sanitation are the goals of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which must be fulfilled by 2030.

    "Nowadays, many people feel the importance of stunting prevention only in terms of diet, how to provide the best protein, how nutrition and so on, but they forget that sanitation is also the most important part of stunting prevention," he said.

    On that occasion, Atalia campaigned for the Handwashing with Soap (CTPS) movement as one of the simplest sanitation measures to save Indonesian children from various diseases, including stunting.

    "Today we are working with Unilever on the socialization of Handwashing with Soap. So our hope is that in 2023 we will have zero (new) stunting, or there will be no new stunting cases," he said.

    Chairman of Working Group IV TP PKK Prov. West Java, who also serves as Special Staff to the Governor of Health, Siska Gerfianti, said that the West Java Provincial Government had made a breakthrough by forming the Stunting Prevention Convergence Team, to commemorate the one year declare of stunting and the National Health Day.

    "The Government of West Java Province has formed a Stunting Convergence Prevention Team with the direct supervisor is the Governor and the Chairperson of the TP PKK of West Java Province, in the program we will conduct a pilot project for 3 months in 14 villages out of 14 districts whose children have priority stunting , "Siska said.

    "Just choose 1 village per district, because we want to know first the right approach mode. So we all go down to the intended area, we re-measure the children, we intervene directly together with pediatricians, health centers, nurses, midwives and all. "So later after we check again then given nutrition intervention, we will also see sanitation and others. Hopefully with this program these villages can become a model for their respective districts," he added.

    In addition, Atalia and her group visited the homes of stunted children in Padalarang District. At this location, Atalia met a 21-month-old child with stunting who had also suffered from pulmonary tuberculosis at the age of 12 months.

    Later, for the next 3 months (before the age of 24 months) the child will continue to be monitored by his health development by carrying out several complete laboratory examinations in the hope that there will be better changes related to his health. (Even)

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