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    800 Students Participate in the Qaba'atil Musabaqoh Contest in West Java Province 2019


    REGENCY OF TASIKMALAYA - A total of 800 students from representatives of Islamic boarding schools in 27 regencies / cities in West Java (West Java) took part in the West Java Provincial Musabaqoh Qira'atil (MQK) competition in 2019 West Java Province.

    The reading and reasoning competition of the yellow book which was held at the Cipasung Singaparna Islamic Boarding School in Tasikmalaya Regency was opened by the Daily Executor (Plh.) Of West Java Governor Uu Ruzhanul Ulum, Tuesday (10/15/19).

    Uu said, this annual event was one of the forms of vision acceleration in West Java Champion in the inner category. Uu also said that the number of MQK participants continued to increase every year.

    "I am proud that this year the number of participants has increased from the previous year," Uu said.

    For the implementation of the MQK next year, Uu also appealed to all regional heads in 27 regencies / cities in West Java to encourage their citizens, especially the younger generation, to participate.

    "All this time, they have participated in the costs of self-help and are assisted by the Regional Office of the Ministry of Religion (Ministry of Religion), so next year, please help by the Regent and Mayor, encouraged by their citizens to participate," said Uu.

    As for the current number of pesantren in West Java, there are approximately 10 thousand pesantren and not all of them study the yellow book.

    For this reason, the MQK activity at the same time encourages students' interest in studying the yellow book as well as evaluating the extent of teaching at the pesantren about the procedures for reading and reasoning the yellow book.

    "So, every year we hold an MQK and this activity also provides motivation for children to enter the salafiyah pesantren or pesantren who study the yellow book," Uu added.

    MQK, which was centered at the Cipasung Singaparna Ponpes from 15-18 October 2019, prepared a prize of IDR 6.5 million for the Best Santri I, IDR 4.5 million for the Best Santri II, and IDR 2.5 million for the Best Santri III.

    In addition to establishing friendship between santri and pesantren in West Java, this MQK also aims to increase students' love for Arabic reference books and love in conducting studies and deepening of Islamic religious sciences from Arabic language sources.

    "This event is also a simulation to compete healthily and is the culmination of the academic achievements of the students as well as the momentum to commemorate Santri Day on October 22," Uu said ending. (Even)

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